Alan Czervik Austin

I like to watch football games on a 30 minute delay, using my DVR – that way I can fast forward thru the endless commercials. Tonight I was recording the U.T. vs. Texas Tech game – when I pressed play and started watching the game, the image started pixelating and warping – a situation not uncommon to the Time Warner DVR. After 10 minutes of not being able to tell what was going on in the game I gave up and went back to live TV. of course, i missed the first Texas score. Thanks for the inferior equipment Time Warner!

Edward Lopez, D.O.M. New York New York

Problems? You want to hear about problems with TWC? How about these? For about 2 weeks (or more) in January approximately 10 channels stopped being accessible and instead one gets this message (the message is the same but the individual channel letters show): “SMTHD Smithsonian HD is currently unavailable Please try again” If you stay on the channel for a few seconds longer you will see the message replaced by the last channel you were on that worked while the cablebox still shows the channel number that is not available! Once my wife had her 2 cableboxes on the same channel number and each of her 2 TVs showed different programming.

Back to the missing channels. Between the middle of January to the first week of February 10 TWC technicians spent many hours in our small living room hooking up their electronic test equipment to my TV to watch digital data while being on the phone speaking with other techs or TWC central. I escorted them to our basement to show them the terminals, or a near-the-ceiling terminal space that required using the building’s ladder (’cause it was handier than getting one from their truck). I had to move furniture to allow them access to the cable input connection.

10 techs almost every day and not able to diagnose the problem even though I told them that it couldn’t be our end ’cause other people in the building told me that they were experiencing the same problem. Their privacy was not violated. But since I was the one that originally called TWC, they weren’t going to leave us alone even though their test equipment showed that everything was copacetic on our end.

Finally, a senior tech came to tackle the mysterious result or an unknown problem. Hooked up and on the phone to everybody, everywhere repeating to all what we were experiencing and no one had ever heard of such glitches. And since TWC techs are always underground making disconnections while claiming to be improving the service someone, somewhere, in a street repair could have crossed a cable.

The senior tech received a call that put an end to the whole farce involving us: he was told that it had become a neighborhood issue with other locations reporting what we reported. And the tech said it had been found as emanating from their big head end in South Caroline.

One of the young, inexperienced techs had the nerve to diagnose the problem as being the fault of our building’s cabling size, being too thin! If he had had his way we would have been recabled with thicker cable which I doubt that would have helped as since I’m writing this on 3/5/2016 at 1:54am we are experiencing the same channels again not being accessible!

Jim Hovanec Ithaca NY

Election night the cable goes out and of course I get put on twc electronic merry-go-round when I call. Their service really sucks! Beside that my road runner service has been road crawler for the past year, dog slow and unreliable. Dish tv here I come! Screw you TW!!


I absolutely never get the speeds I pay for. Never! The most unreliable ISP I have ever dealt with. I never have a stable connection and I struggle to load any kind of youtube videos or other streaming services. I will also randomly lose connection for no apparent reason multiple times a day.

Eric Mission Hills CA

Time Warner is the most corrupt monopoly I’ve ever dealt with. I used to be a customer because TW had my favorite channel CRN Digital Talk Radio, but then some big wig with no brains decided to remove CRN from all TW. HOW UNFAIR! CRN is a great channel that has more accurate and unbiased news than any of the major “networks”. When asked about the removal of CRN from TW I was informed by Time Warner that the service is free on the internet….What a second, FREE ON THE INTERNET????? Does TW not realize that the INTERNET is NOT FREE. Not all people can’t afford both cable and internet so it’s one or the other. Also if that’s the real reason why then when is TW getting rid of CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC because they have their show ONLINE TOO!!!!!!


Switched from DirecTV to TWC to save few bucks. Bad idea. Their DVR (Cisco) sucks! Total POS! Fails
to record shows and guide not available. I’ve reset this box more times in the past three months
then I did my DTV DVR in five years. Total junk and they can shove it up their CEO’s ass. I’m done.


In the middle of the night, a bunch of channels quits, just like that. Including Lifetime, HLN, and a bunch of others. I guess the problem is that I don’t have a cable box hooked up, but heck they coulda warned me. Now in the middle of the Saturday night, boom, a handful of channels is gone. Amazing.

The box doesn’t work anyway, either with my old TV or with the newer one. I don’t know what the problem is, once the tech had admitted that the box was set up for the wrong city, but that’s about it. Now they charge you every time they’d come to fix the darn box.

Bottom line: I am stuck without a bunch of channels for over the weekend. Lovely.



In the past I have been able to use the “start over” feature on the NBC Nightly News at 6:30 PM EST
in the Myrtle Beach SC area on channel 1203. Now the option is not available any more for that show.
Has TWC made changes and how can I get it back?


Time Warner Cable kicks me off the Internet every single hour for ten to twenty minutes, and they also throttle the hell out of my bandwidth. I pay $61 a month to be spit on by this garbage company. I am going to end their service as soon as I get up the strength to deal with their idiot customer service which will no doubt try and jam as many runarounds down my throat as possible. I hate them so much I can’t stand the thought of them.


I hate time warner cable!!!!!! It has made my life miserable!!!!

The cable box keeps going out and we have called so many times. We even exchanged it at the service center for a new cable box still does not work.
Today I was off and wanting to spend all day on the sofa, do nothing and watch TV But wait..i have time warner that means no tv!!! I called customer service and asked if after not working for a month the least they can do is send me someone out today so I can watch some tv. But they seemed to not care and send me someone like 3 days later.
Im pissed off!