robbo cinci oh

12-9-13, another call another ‘we’ll send out a service tech’ All the csr reps and managers working in the call center must have a card with 3 answers to every customer calling in with an issue.
1. we will send a signal to the box
2. we will reboot your cable box
3. we need to send out a service tech
I’ve had several service techs come out and test all my lines, every one of the service techs tell me that everything is fine inside my home and the issue is someplace outside either at the pole, junction box or underground. Yet every time I call because my channels are ALWAYS geeking out, I get the same speech about sending out a service tech. Do the service techs not inform the csr department of their findings when they go on a service call???? if not, then its no wonder nothing is getting fixed. Hey Time Warner, I have a genius idea….Listen to what your friggin service techs report!!!! or does it cost to much to fix the REAL issue. Keep stringing me along for the ride with bandaids on your cable service. Offer me free movie channels that play repeats over and over, I cant watch them anyway!!! I get no service!!!

Ive had nothing but issues with TWC service or I mean ‘lack of’ service. Im tired of calling in to report an issue and paying for service I dont receive and never gets repaired. It works for a while then goes out for a while.
Fiber op is being wired as I type, as soon as I get info that its ready to go, its bye bye Time Warner.

I think I’ll hand over my cable boxes to the service tech when he comes out again.


I get the worst service every time I call about my internet. I can not believe I pay almost $70 a month for internet and get this kind of service… As soon as ATT comes available in my area… I am on it!!!


For the last two weeks at approx 5:39pm during the nightly news pixelation and sound issues begin. By the time the news is over the box does a reboot on its own. All other TVs in house have same problem. Only channels that seem to work are the Fox channels. Bravo, E, HGTV all have either black screens or the jumpy pixelation problem. By the time the local news comes on at 10pm everything is fine and box begins to count down for it to work again. Such BS. We’re switching to ATT U-verse next week. We’ve had it with TWC!

Dunn Mason Oh

Nothing but problems with Fox News channel 352.. bad signals, screen looks like flashing patchwork…today it is totally black…no pictures or audio…what is going on…….have called them four times. They get it corrected and it lasts three or four days then it happens all over again….very tired of problems then they have the gull to raise my rates $20 a month……for what….good service, I think not….

Andy Rodriguez Lockhart TX

Ditched TWC in Octoberof 2010 for Directv. The BEST move I have ever made. Directv customer service is by far the best of any company I’ve dealt with. Yes i said ALL companies. You are going to pay more for your service, but you won’t have any problems with your service, your picture will be crystal clear and if you love football like me you have the NFL Network. If you do have a problem the reps will do any and everything to fix the problem and even throw in some free progamming for the trouble. Do like I did and ditch the worse corporation on the face of the Earth.

Arleen Jill Cypress CA

I called Time Warner from work to add the Outdoor channel. Guy said I would have it when I got home. No Outdoor channel and no regular tiers I already had. Several calls later, I got back the Standard tier and Variety tiers, etc. BUT the non-HD channels that used to show up full size on my TV screen no longer did. Pictures were postage stamp size on non-HD programs. They sent a guy to my house. He told me I had old wiring and no grounds. He did all that but said that the tiny pictures on the screen were what Time Warner received to send me and I was SOL. No one can fix or tell me why I lost the transmission format I originally had before I tried to add the Outdoor channel tier. Many calls, holding on, etc. but no one there knows what they are doing.