Why is the audio on my Time Warner cable all boogley woogley? I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but the sound on any channel from time goes weeoo weeooo weeoo, kind of. It’s like it is stretched out or something. Our TV was getting old & we thought that might be it, but we got a new TV, and it still does the same thing.

Anonymous CA

Where to begin…

My story is like many others. I had TWC internet for god knows how long. The first couple years were great! Knowing now about how other countries pay 30 bucks for 100+ Mbps internet service, I still think the price wasn’t THAT much of a ripoff.

Until now.

About a year ago, I started noticing the service provided to us plummeting. And I don’t mean like it slowly became worse and worse, as though the internet modem was failing(which has been replaced multiple times), but like one day it was fine, and the next day I had the most inconsistent connection on the planet. Online games would go from a very nice 8-19 ping to a disgustingly high 600 to sometimes even 4000 ping, web pages would load half the time, the other half I’d get a three-minute-long loading page only to get the “internet connection lost” message on my browser after all the waiting.

Around February is when the shit really started to hit the fan, though. Blackouts hit Orange County and many other places across the States. And this wasn’t just a small hiccup or a server being reset, no, these were sometimes hours on end.

The situation with inconsistent connectivity seems to steadily be getting worse and worse. It’s not every day, but it’s quickly becoming a bi-, even tri-weekly experience.

The worst part is, Verizon, one of the only other “good” internet companies in the area, don’t offer service to our complex. Go figure. So now not only am I paying for shitty internet that doesn’t even work sometimes, but now I have no other choice but to deal with it.

Time Warner, you used to be a decent company, now all you want is my money, and will continually fuck me over and over again. I wish I could live without the internet at this point, but 50% of my friends have moved out of the county, or already live out of State/Country.

Seriously, fix your shit, because when Google fiber finally(eventually) makes its way to California, I’m dropping your service and never looking back. Take that as you will, fuck me over for the next X amount of years, take all my money, go ahead, because when the time comes, millions, and I mean MILLIONS of people will gladly drop your service for an internet service provider that actually knows how to treat its customers like human beings, rather than sheep.


Seems a little strange that all last week when the Republican convention was on that the Fox News station kept freezing up
and going blank and now that the Democratic convention is on my cable works just fine. I think I smell a rat.

Anonymous Austin TX

i’ve been dealing with CONSTANT pixilation as we have had a TEMP cable for the past 8 months….?? After 20+ techs, a supervisor finally NOTICED that we have had a TEMPORARY service cable on an installation that was never completed over 8 months ago…..and here I’ve been taking it with a grain of salt ALL THIS TIME……!! A “specialist” is scheduled to come out tomorrow, if this doesn’t work I will be forced to hire legal help in order to get the past moneys I’ve paid for service I have NOT had…….I’ll let ya’ll know tomorrow how it went………….

kim san antonio texas

HEELLLLPPPPP! MY DVR will not reset after several failed attempts. Often a code would come up “E-4” and a few times the code “E-8” . I’m have cable withdraw & I don’t believe I can hold on til the morning!! As I stated earlier HHHEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!! Any thoughts out there my fellow couch potatoes?

Makayla Randolph ME

Trying to change the channel using the remote, nothing worked, the buttons lit up, but nothing happened. Then I tried to change the channel manually using the box and that won’t even work. What should I do?


The name of the game is frustration! Called early this morning about checking on an SEC football game this afternoon and was informed to go to channel 520 (Special Programming Channel). I did as told—nothing. Called back this afternoon at 4:15 and was told that was incorrect. Needed to sign up for My Services and then log on to ESPN3. Fine. Then asked if any special programs were out there since mine had changed in July. Then the rudest, most irritating rep got on the phone after a 30 minute wait on hold. She informed me that I had signed up for Showtime in July and that it was free for a year. No! Did not even know what channels to look at and when I finally located it, there was no service! I told her this and that we did not WANT this channel and no one had spoken to us regarding this. Argued that they would not have changed my plan without speaking to me but agreed to remove this FREE programming that I did not have and my bill dropped by $10. Duh, how was this free? Asked for a supervisor and she put me on hold back in the regular line for 30 more minutes when I got someone else who wanted to tell me what she read! Supposedly I had been offered HBO and Cinemax. No. Asked to have a supervisor return a call to me within the hour and guess what? No call! Am now looking at other options. WHY are they so rude? Because they get away with it. Obviously management does not mind this behavior and condones rudeness and curtness and disrespect from their employees. Perhaps they are even rewarded for it.

Samuel Hoffman

I pay for 16Mbps down and always test at 4Mbps. I live in Santa Monica, CA. Time Warner is utter garbage. I hate this company with a passion of 10 burning sons. Avoid Time Warner. Get sprint and use their mobile hotspot instead. It’s actually 5 times faster.