R S calif

Worst service possible am canceling and getting dish internet and cable tv goes out every week and lately every day when i call they say they cant fix it for gwo days! how can a company stay in business like this? If i did my job this poorly i would be looking for another one! everyone should dump them they SUCK!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Jordan Austin TX

I was a Time Warner Cable customer in FL, and now in TX. Time Warner apparently SUCKS no matter what state you live in. Sadly, there are no other cable alternatives in our area, or believe me I would pay someone twice as much a month JUST to avoid the hassle.

Time Warner has update/merged/changed their “PayXpress” website over 6 times in the last year. THERE IS NOTHING EXPRESS ABOUT ANYTHING THESE IDIOTS DO! Everytime THEY make changes to THEIR website, I have to reset my password, which always takes over 30-45 mins. of MY TIME. I am utterly SICK TO DEATH of dealing with their incompetence!

Also, when I had my service moved they sent a MORON technician, and though I KNEW the reason the internet was not working was because the MODEM WAS BAD- the tech took over an HOUR screwing around with everything else before he would EVEN TRY another modem! RIDICULOUS and again, A HORRENDOUS WASTE OF MY TIME. I absolutely dread dealing with this company. I have filed several BBB complaints. Nothing seems to matter, guess because T. W. Is a big corporation they can just do what they want! I have NEVER hated doing business so much with a corporation IN ALL my LIFE!


Wow! where do I start. I got the triple play (internet,phone,TV) installed on 1/31/14. Today is 3/31/14 and I have had problems almost 3-5 times a week! Every time a tech did something either in house or by phone, something else has gone wrong. Service is out every few days and I have to reboot the modem (and get results if I’m lucky). Contrary to what they told me, when the modem goes out so does everything! I don’t even know it until I try to use a device, so it may have been out for hours and I haven’t gotten phone messages or emails. I am so frustrated but don’t know where to go from here. I dumped Verizon DSL because of problems and lousy customer service (outsourced). This is worse!


Called Time Warner two days ago to start TV services again. (We already have internet.) Because we never returned the old cable box, they said a technician just needed to turn something on outside and we’d be good to go. Today I received two giant boxes in the mail: my “Easy Connection Kit,” which included a new cable box. Followed the instructions to set it up and got a message on my TV: “Not Tunable.” Called Time Warner. Did lots of troubleshooting. For an hour. No whammy. They have to send a technician out, but no one’s available for a week. Oh, and I might be charged $29.99 if the technician (subjectively) decides this was my fault, not theirs.