Has anyone noticed that the music channels and and a couple other are missing in austin…. 71, 72, 73 and 18, and 24 are gone from the standard cable package. WHAT HAPPENED?


Google fiber is coming to Austin. How would I rate TWC? If google promised their installers would piss on my front door and take a dump on my kids swing set in the backyard, I would stil eagerly ask where I can put down a deposit. No exaggeration, but somehow I doubt google will go with this particular approach to marketing. Still, google to TWC can feel free to contact me.

Anonymous Astoria New York

Finally had to leave TWC for RCN. Called the number for the office of the president and emailed them as well. Got in contact with the top level customer reps. They were at a loss as to why I was constantly having On demand issues with sound dropping out and selecting a show I want to watch and being taken to something totally different. See here:

Wow! Just wow!

Many, many visits from techs, many cable boxes replaced and still no resolution. In addition to the on demand issue above, I had numerous problems with the cable box crashing as I changed channels. Random “black screens of death” as I watched a show forcing me to unplug the box and plug it back in. The reboot time was always quite long. And don’t get me started on the semi weekly internet outages. It was a regular occurrence. Sometimes lasting most of the day.

Several days after leaving, I got a call from TWC sales division asking me to come back as they could likely get me back for a better rate and send a senior tech to do the install so they can make sure all is well. I explained to them why I left and this is what they were promising me as there were a great number of technical issues. They once again stated a senior tech and or manager would be present for the install. Then they tried to sell my on the triple play, I refused. Then they gave me back the package I had, claiming it would be the same price but they gave me two different quotes in the same conversation and the sales rep became elusive.

Well, something didn’t sound right about all of this. So I called the office of the president and spoke to reps there. It turns out the rep blatantly lied to me. Yes they did assemble my old package back but at a much higher price. Even worse, president’s office rep said there’s no such thing as sending out a senior tech to install and communicate with the headend to make sure the last issues I was experiencing were solved. She couldn’t understand why they would say such things. I’d have to get it installed, replicate the problem and begin the cycle of endless tech visits once more.

TWC WAS TRYING to get me back by any means necessary even if it meant making things up to win me back. And there is the problem with TWC. It comes off as very dishonest and borderline criminal.

Needless to say, I didn’t take them up on their offer to come back. But should I decide to again one day, the rep at the presidents office instructed metro call her directly. So I may be in good hands should I make a switch back down the road.

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Glad I am not alone. I think it is time for a Class Action against these crooks. FYI the email address for the CEO is

Now you can never get this information from an agent, so send him an email I did. Good advice from below. If you threaten to cancell they do not care good riddence to you. If you continue to call and have out a service tech, over and over and over and over and over, Like I have, they seem more interested because they want to not hear from me. Well I still have trouble with there crappy service, but they are starting to hate me, so I think things will get better.