Anonymous Lakeway

Every evening around 8 to 10 pm my cable starts freezing and pixelating. Worse on the HD channels but affecting all. Most of the time it becomes unwatchable, so I have to resort to rabbit ears so I can a least get the local stations.

I’ve had to take off from work multiple times to be here for a repairman. Each one has a different story about the problem but no one has ever fixed it. They all cut off the cable connectors and put on new ones and then go away.

There is just no use in even calling them anymore. Their service is just plain old (to put it nicely) crap.

Jeff nc

Time Warner is without question one of the most despicable businesses in the United States, and I’m actually surprised that they are not mentioned by name in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible. Just try to call them and speak to an actual human being. I am actually on hold RIGHT NOW as I am typing this! I had to return my cable box myself yesterday because it was starting to malfunction and scramble any of the NBC channels. Garbled speech and distorted images. You call the company and get a bullshit machine that offers to reset your box for you and tells you that it has detected a problem with the box. no shit, that’s why I’m calling and if you can remotely detect a problem with my system, then why do I even have to call? Just fix the shit. I didn’t agree to my cable plan with an automated message and I don’t feel that I should have to sit for a half hour to hear exactly what I already know what they are going to say. I suppose each time I call I am hoping to get hold of some new, over zealous employee who really gives a shit. All I can really invision are three or four foreign guys sitting around bullshitting watching the hold lights blink. For all I know, my call could be going to a pay phone somewhere cause these dix ain’t answering! I think I’ll skip on a couple of my bills and when they call me to collect, I can use they’re hold system. This is a MULTI BILLION dollar company guys! A little help! Bottom line son- they know that they got ya by the big ones, whatcha gonna do? I think I may turn my speaker up on my phone, the music is rather soothing, kick back and take a nap til someone says “hello”. I won’t be shocked should get to sleep all night. Fuck’um….


I connect directly to my TV without a cable box. I can get the digital channels (yy.x). I would like to get the raw channel lineup but nobody at TWC believes that it exists. Clearly this is ridiculous. I am in zipcode 92270>


I’ve been saying this for years and plan to switch all ASAP. I can’t spend an hour every few months just to figure out how to pay a bill!
Anyone do the research on the best prices and service for Internet, TV, and landline phone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


2-3-15 (Milwaukee) We have had problems with HD pixelation with our Time Warner cable service for years. Seems like the worst is with HD channels 1004, 1005 & 1006. These are local channels. Also seems like the problem is usually worse when those channels broadcast local programs — like news & Packer games. Although problems occur other than that also. Occasionally when we notice some pixelation while watching TV and receive a phone call (we have Time Warner phone service also) the pixelation increases 1000 fold making it impossible to watch the channel at all until you hang up phone. Time Warner has been here 4 or more times since September (2 times in the past 30 days) and has NOT solved the problem. When they leave (and when they arrive) usually the problem is not occuring. We have 2 of their boxes and the problems occur on both. Their service people are always curteous and appear knowledgable but the problem always reoccurs within days of their visit.


Problems like we see posted here will continue as long as TWC has personnel problems at the top. TWC takes city property and right-of-way to run their cable. It’s time cities and the people we vote for to run them had more authority to deal with these problems. The Legislature was convinced by the cable lobby to take away authority of city councils to resolve these issues. At the same time I’m surprised there have not been more lawsuits, with media coverage of same.


This is a good one and probably typical.
I had a DVR hookup scheduled for 8am-9am Sunday morning. At 12:30pm they called and said they would be late.
At 2:30pm some dude showed up, without calling first, and hooked up the DVR. Everything seemed to work so he left. Before he was out of the driveway my cable box flashed a message that read, “Cable box unauthorized for use. Please call.”
So I called and was on hold for 13 minutes…So I hung up and went to their help chat online. I told “Jordan” what my problems were and he told me they could have someone come by to fix it…ON AUGUST 28!!!

Aren’t the boxes authorized from their end?

Do they really think I am going to pay for a new box that doesnt work for 23 days?

LoL…I think I am going to send them an email now and see how that goes.


Longtime TWC victim of monopoly would like some feedback how to deal with service and constant changes in premium packages I had Extreme Internet. Did not ask for ultimate internet service. Bigger problem with DVR and told I would get 1 yr at no charge as was charged for a year without anyone telling me I did not have correct box. Changed boxes. Did not need to record in second room, and did not know I would still be charged for this new box where I do not record. I asked for old box back as no need to view DVR. Told there was no box for this. I could have an adapter like I have in kitchen where I have no box at all and see only local channels I refuse to believe this. What about people who do not want DVR but have premium cable. They must have a box How do I settle this. Want to complain to BBB and FCC