The internet service is pretty unstable. The signal can drops from three to thirty times a day. It is unclear it is a widespread problem in this area of simple the problem of my apartment. Since it is only high speed internet service provide in Ithaca, I can’t even switch to another IPS.

AnimalMother Torrance CA

What else is there to say? TWC sucks. First problem. Deliberately closed my acct when I changed an appt date (with instructions NOT to close my new acct) so that they could ding me for more money if I wanted to continue with my acct. Second, never turned on specific landline service even though I was assured by a supervisor that they would. Then, I was given a credit for the bad service but they refuse to show it on my bill.

The fact that the TelCo companies have carved up territories and run monopolies is outright criminal.

Only thing I can recommend to folks is to short sell TWC stock during bearish periods. The only problem is that TWC stock is probably protected by bull funds that punish short sellers.

F’in Idiots Austin

I just love how TWC blanks the HD screen and shuts off the sound whenever a “Civil Authority” issues a “Child Abduction Alert” (or any other alert) followed by a list of counties. It is then repeated in Spanish and then again in English and then again in both languages. No description. No other information at all, just a “Child Abduction Alert.”

Finally the program comes back on. What the hell is the point? Do they think everyone will run outside to see if they can see a child? Way to go TWC. You’re doing a hell of a job.

Sara Columbus OH

I don’t know how Time Warner stays in business with their poor service. Oh yeah… they are almost a monopoly in my area.

I’ve had techs over twice to check my system just to make sure it isn’t a local thing and both gave me a song and dance that the system was working perfectly but the system needed to reboot. I kept the second guy around for 5 hours but it never improved. I let him go when he changed his explanation that the issue was the equipment.

They’ve sent me 5 Time Warner DVRs and all of them have had ithe same responsiveness issue. I used to think it was just me but after my continual problem I checked with my friends that have Time Warner. They all have the same problem.

What’s the issue? System responsiveness in Time Warner Equipment is ridiculously slow.

Want to change a channel? The box ignores your input for 20 seconds and then processes all 15 times you thought the system didn’t read at once.

Want to DVR a program? Better check that the DVR hasn’t frozen. If you wait for than a week to reboot the system you are asking for trouble. Frankly I think TW remotes should come with a reboot system button. I’m tired of getting behind my TV to unplug it.

DVR isn’t frozen? Better check to make sure it is recording all of your programs. My favorite is when Time Warner ignores the other 20 showings of ‘Game of Thrones’ and records it during the only showing of ‘The Simpsons’. Yes I can change the priorities but I shouldn’t need to do that.

I’ve honestly thought about going back to Tivo even if I have to pay the extra $15/month for their service.. Their box is intelligent and responsive but I imagine Time Warner’s cablecard will screw something up.

Does anyone at Time Warner actually use their DVR boxes because this has been a problem for years. The fact that it still isn’t fixed shows they don’t care.

They should care as there will be a time in the near future when I can stream my TV and bypass them altogether. Oh that’s right. Time Warner is the only local company that has enough bandwidth for streaming. Silly me. I guess I just need to accept their shoddy equipment like all my neighbors.


austin time warner is always dropping the local channels. At the moment the only local channel that works on the digital box is FOX. ABC, CBS, NBC, CW all seem to be blocked. The box will hang for 30 seconds and you only get a black screen. This happens on a regular basis.