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TWC TV complaint.
Why can’t TWC just tell each subscriber which channels they get per billed rate?
I do not get access to the same channels on my analog tv signal, my twc provided DTA, my twc provived “digital box”, the TWC ipad app, and my roku box.

As I pay for channels, is it not fraud to tell me what the channels I get? Also, the channels I get per device?

When do i get notified that my paid for channel lineup changes? Happens more than once a month.

Is it fraud to charge for a service and not be able to document what the user gets for their money?..???

Peter Thomason

Weather channel (#9) is no longer giving me LOCAL on the 8’s for my area. We are now getting the HD feed (same as channel 899) and the LOCAL info is from Pottsdam, NY about 70 miles. The weather in Saranac Lake is not the same as Pottsdam, NY. Channel 9 was the NON HD feed and gave us the local weather. Why did this change?

Susan Sullivan Clifto Park Ny

We are about to contact Verizion FIOS to see if their service is better than TWC in our area (Clifton Park NY). We have had service technicians to our home four times within the last three months for the same issues, missing channels. The techs blamed it on bad cables & cable boxes, so they were replaced. The cables inside our home were checked and tested as functioning properly. Yet every few days our upper digital and HD channels disappear, sometimes right in the middle of watching a program…”channel xxx unavailable, try again later”. We called the desk and they reboot the boxes and it comes back only to disappear later. We paid to receive MLB games and half the time we receive the unavailable channel message. Today TWC admitted that maybe the issue is in their equipment outside our home..on the street since it turns out others on our street were having similar problems. So frustrated and then they charged us twice for a service they can’t even adequately provide.

one angry customer

My contract was renewed — without notification at 139.95 for a basic bundle that now costs $99. They won’t change it without charging a contract termination fee of $100. Apparently you are punished for being a long time customer.

Spent more than an hour on the phone getting passed around. Ironically, the connection was so bad most of the time I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I asked them to call me back and was told they can’t make outgoing calls. I also got disconnected twice. The chat also stinks. I was disconnected once. Then told they couldn’t help me. The second time, the chat person asked for my number so he could call me if we got disconnected. So, apparently the chat people can call you but the people on the phone cannot.

I can recoup that cost of disconnecting in 2 months at at&t and have faster internet and more tv channels. Guess where I’m going?


The short version of this is that whether you pay $50.00/month for “speeds up to” 20 Mb/s or $14.95/month for “speeds up to” 2 Mb/s, you get exactly the same service: 2 Mb/s.

Every once in a while, we can’t get the Time Warner modem to give ANY router or workstation an IP address. This happens so frequently, apparently, that Time Warner now has a voice recording on their help line that tells you to shut down your modem and your router, wait 60 seconds and power them back up. Sometimes that doesn’t work, so you’ll get a “technician” from India who will help you find out what the problem REALLY is.

Here’s what they ask you to do. Connect a computer (not a router) directly to the modem and shut down any firewall or anti-virus software you may have running on that computer. Guess what happens? You get Internet — and a significant number of trojans, viruses etc., in just a matter of seconds (which you don’t find out until you re-enable the anti-virus software). The technician tells you that the malware was the reason you had a problem in the first place and it’s a computer problem, not a Time Warner problem, so they can’t help you with that…. (Have a “crash cart” computer ready for these people, that is, one that has no personal data on it and which you can easily re-image.)

I was paying $50.00/month for Internet access, having to shut down the modem and router several times a day. I had hacking attempts logged on the router from an AVERAGE of 1 every 30 seconds to 1 every 30 minutes. I had gone out, bought and programmed a Cisco router (IOS) to stop gratuitous ARP requests (DOS attacks), source routed attacks, unused ports and protocols, and all manner of unsolicited traffic. I put this router in series with my regular router, which worked when Time Warner would give the outer router an IP address.

One day when I really really needed to get an email from a potential employer, the Time Warner Internet service was down. NOTHING could get an IP address (yes I have several routers and laptops to test with). That was it. I had had it with Time Warner. I took the Time Warner modem back to them and cancelled the Internet service.

I still had Time Warner cable, though I cut it back to the basic package because their cable channels were also frequently down. I saw commercials for Time Warner Internet for $14.95 and thought that if the service was down, $14.95 was a lot less painless if the Internet didn’t work, even tolerable, so I bought my own modem and went for it. To my surprise, I got exactly the same service I got for $50.00/month, which was at best spotty and not exactly screaming fast.

This is a brand new home. We’ve had Time Warner technicians out here checking for cable noise ingress, replacing cable ends and splitters so, while I haven’t tested for the signal to noise ratio myself, I’m pretty sure it’s within Time Warner specs by now.

Here’s a tip for those who think they’re stuck with Time Warner (and also the only reason I opted for their lower price Internet service): You can get a Cradlepoint router which offers 2×2 MIMO (Multiple-In Multiple-Out) on the WAN side (WAN over wireless), so you can have a failover to another Internet provider. The ones under consideration on this end (and seem to work almost as well as Time Warner) are Millenicom and t-Mobile. (Yeah, t-Mobile. Those hotspots you can buy in Walmart work pretty darned well. AT&T doesn’t seem to have a product in our area and Sprint is so slow you can’t even download a PDF.) Wireless is not the most efficient at downloading graphics though and it can get expensive, so that’s why you want Time Warner as a backup. You can make it through the Internet outages and flourish when Time Warner Internet actually works.

So for those Time Warner / Road Runner employees (and other sympathetic Netizens) who think I’m a horrible and stupid person for posting something bad about Time Warner, I wish both you and Time Warner well. Have a nice day….

By the way, you know how many hackers the router has recorded on t-Mobile so far? One! One in all the time I’ve been using the service….


Terrible, ridiculous, countless problems with the stupid cable box, TV guide, rebooting in the middle of a movie, essentially shutting it down for 15 min or longer. ive been a longtime customer and I gotta get something better than this … Hard to imagine their still,in business, and such an insult to be assaulted with their onslaught on commercials and bogus advertising . It incredibly false advertising, had it better with analg , and rabbit ears, at least you felt like ou could do something. The damn tv shut itself off and die in the middle,of a freakin football game…. What a joke…. Terrible, horrendous…


TWC is hands-down the worst company I have ever dealt with, in any country, and that includes Royal Mail and BT in the UK, who are awful. I have experience with TWC in both NYC and upstate NY. The main issue is with cable television, which has been such a hassle for the last two years that I have finally cancelled it altogether in both places, but I wish I could get shot of them altogether.

1. The cable boxes are useless. They freeze often, requiring you to call the company and have the box remotely rebooted.

2. On-Demand movies often simply don’t work. Press play, and nothing happens, sometimes causing the above to occur. Or the picture and sound will go out of sync.

3. The remote control is idiotic, with dozens of tiny senseless buttons that are impossible to decipher. There is simply no need for it to be that complicated.

4. The pricing is outrageous and doesn’t seem to stay consistent from month to month. Bizarre charges and fees will appear out of the blue.

5. They will change your account number with no notice and no explanation. This causes problems with automatic payments.

6. Once they sent out an incorrect late-payment notice to thousands of customers in my area. It took three phone calls to get them to remove the late fee, though they admitted it was their mistake.

7. When I cancelled our television service in the city, they tried to charge $41 to collect the box from our flat, a few blocks away from their office.

8. The biggest issue though, is customer service. I have never, ever encountered such incompetence. Phone waiting times are upwards of 45 minutes, always. The online chat service is marginally better but there is much they can’t do through that, so you typically wind up calling anyway. I once spent half an hour explaining to some idiot that I needed to change my automatic payment setup and that portion of the website seemed to be down. This man simply could not understand what I was trying to do. I explained again, and again, and again, that I simply wanted to pay from a different account, but no go. I finally asked for a manager, who got it right away and confirmed they were having problems with the website but that they would get back to me about it. Months later they cancelled my automatic payments with no notice, and then charged me a late fee. The chat line reps aren’t much better. You explain the problem in the initial form, and then you have to explain it to them again when someone begins speaking to you. You get switched over and over again between various departments. The reps keep saying they will “escalate” the problem, without apparently understanding that to “escalate” a problem means to make it worse (or maybe they do know that, because that’s precisely what happens). If you have multiple accounts, you can’t manage them online through one username and password, so you wind up logging in and logging out endlessly to deal with different accounts. I could go on, but in short, I have never had a customer service experience with TWC that did not take hours to accomplish, raising my blood pressure several points in the process. Because they have a monopoly in so many areas, the only solution is to stop watching cable television altogether. I’ve found that it is actually quite possible to live without the garbage they spew anyway (yep, live without Honey Boo Boo goes on). If something good comes along – buy it on DVD.