I have business and residential class TW. I have worked with Comcast in NJ and Florida and Cox in las vegas. Time Warner is the worst company in technical service and internet service. They throttle youtube for sure. I have Clearwire modem, Youtube works great on wireless internet where TW on business and the residential fails badly.


Richard Harris Goldsboro NC

It is again Sunday night and the cable channel went off while watching HBO with the new cable box issued to me two weeks ago. I ma setting here trying to find the correct website to complaint. All I find is advertisement to sign up with cable service.


TWC constantly moves programs to upper tiers, leaving mostly junk channels in basic. When I recently set up a new TV, I found a bunch of local DT channels above ch 70, several of which I enjoyed watching. Suddenly they disappeared, to re-appear mixed in among the regular channels. After a considerable period of viewability, these disappeared last night.
I contacted TWC chat. No help there, they suggested that the local stations were constantly changing their signals. Contacted one station, they had made no changes, and suggested TWC knew more than they were saying.
TWC’s greed and disdain for their customer base has no limit.

Ironically, as I tried to enter this comment, cable crapped out on me.

Louis Colton CA

Yeah, Time Warner not only sucks in Austin but it also sucks major donkey balls in California where I’m currently residing. I can’t even make large transfers of data with my supposedly fast 16mbps line, because every time I try to do so it boots me out. Also, I can’t download large data from my friends for a long period of time or the connection will boot me out.

Every time this happens, I call customer service and all they say is “oh we’re sorry for the trouble” Like if that’s gonna fix things….. This is BS, I’m going back to at&t, Time Warner sucks balls, I hope they get wiped out by another company that actually cares and gives great service. F*CK Time Warner!

Bill Willowick OH

I have cable TV and internet with TW. It dawned on me that my entire family TV viewing habits are now at 97% Netflix and HULU and 3% cable. The 3% I felt was not worth the $49 package (BasicStandardDigital Variety) deal plus the $10 a month cable box lease price per month. So I decided to drop the Digital Variety and the box and pipe the cable it into my Flat panel and not entirely get rid of cable but save a few bucks on stuff that we just aint using. (Need my Breaking Bad)
So I drive my cable box down to our local TW store and explained what I wanted to do, this was the moment I learned what a disgusting Company Time Warner Cable really is.
To drop the Digital Variety I would be paying $20.00 more a month with a ton of less channels.
To turn in my cable box they said that would save me $3.00 a month (remember I was paying $10.00)
I was like “Are you insane, does this make any sense to you”? And ofcourse they started giving me that whole “Well it’s a package deal and the only way to save money is to add more services”. At this point I was getting mad inside but kept a calm composure as I explained that “Package Deals” are a myth and of course they could (as they should) reduce my bill for services I am not using and EQ I don’t even have, but it was like talking to a brain dead brick. After they started repeating the same old garbage reasoning for package pricing and deal specials I held up my hand and said “I don’t want any cable, cancel it all”.
And then to add insult to injury they said “We are going to have to charge you $9.95 to come out and put a cap on the line”. I smiled and said “Sure why wouldn’t you”. And as I signed the little slip of paper I added “It’s not you, you seem like a sweet person but your Company is truly awful and terrible” and walked out.
My only other choice where I live for broadband is AT&T so I have to use TW for another week till my new service is installed, then I can finally kick TW to the curb and never look back.