Anonymous Seal Beach CA

I’ve had problems with pixilation and sound-studdering ever since moving to Southern California and signing up with Time-Warner. I had them replace my DVR, which meant losing all my recorded shows, only to have the same problem with the new one.

In the Willamette Valley of Oregon, we had Comcast and never had a problem with pixilation. Also, when I called Comcast for a technical problem, I was always connected with a technician. With Time-Warner, I get a customer service representative who seems to know nothing about anything.

But don’t get me started on the sorry state of customer “service” personnel.


In Nov we got a card saying Internet service was going up ($55 a month for Internet only) but you could make up the increase by getting a new discount for buying your own modem and giving theirs back. Last week I pulled and old cable modem out and called TW to register the new modem. Tech handled it and after the 20 min phone call I was back up and running. I needed to switch to a new modem, so I figured I was in for another 20 min call. NOPE! Called 1…lady took my info and told me to reboot modem and be online. She then thanked me and hung up. I rebooted…no connection. I called back and made my way through the hold line again. Lady cut me off and said I needed to talk to a diff department and proceeded to drop my call in the process. Call 3…10 more minutes on hold I make it to a tech and he wants to blame my router. Finally agrees to check recent modem registration no and after he called the higher tier tech says First Lady didn’t do it right and it requires someone else to register the new MAC address. Transferred. This guy tries for 30 min to try to correctly register my new modem and says the tech level guy will fix it in 30 to 60 min and they will call me if there is a problem. Finally I ask why this week is so different than last week and he says they’re upgrading their system and nobody can register modems now. Really?? It’s a simple MAC address that you need to tell your system to allow….5 people passing me off and 2 hrs later and I’m still waiting. Somebody please take over TW and regulate it like every other basic utility….their poor customer service never ceases to amaze.


I have twc for 15 years. Whenever i needed them which was seldom. maybe 5 times in the first 12years. the issues were resolved. However, since i took them up on this triple play offer about 2-3 years a go. i have had nothing but aggravation, lies, deception and problems with everything. i get cable tv and high speed internet. They never did honer the galaxy tab that was part of the upgrade. A month after the install i did not receive the code necessary to start the process to get the galaxy tab voucher. The whole process was shady and kept getting different explanations for the problems. more lies. then i got so aggravated i spoke to a supervisor who had the nerve to tell me i was disqualified. I gave him a piece of my mind. and still they had no remorse. I did exactly what they told me to in order to get the galaxy tab. I knew at that point something was fundamentally wrong with the information there reps have and what there system is set up to do. they are not communicating. and this tier 1,2,3. a bounce of BS. fast forward to now.I had a problem with my smart tv in the living room. ONe day i turned it on and it said it was not connected to the network. so i checked and the the network option on my tv was different where it offers wired, wireless, or no connection. the wired box is now checked off. so i went in manually selected wireless. it searched, symbol rotating and no results. no error messages, problems or issues from the tv. no failure nothing. so i called twc and the phone rep asked for remote access my pc and make sure your logged into the routers web page. well within 5 minutes my tv was going wifi and gave all the wif in my area andmine as well. connected great for 2 weeks. so i called back and they told me that they would never do that. they gave some ridiculous explanation. I told them well i guess i have nothing else better to do then make up this story with such details. i would never be able to make up such a story.Finally i got disgusted and reset my tv disconnected my coaxial cable to th box the hdmi cable to the tv. so i could see what is going on. The truth and i mean the truth. my tv after a factory reset cannot get the broadcasting option back. its now greyed out and a lot of other sub categories are not available. The only other theory is that an outside source caused this. not so twc fixed it the first time they know whats causing this. another problem is the modem i had, the first modem i bought and returned because twc told me told and the new gateway all 3 have the wrong maker of the modem on my internet modem equipment page. I have3 e tries on my account. 1 active but all three show the maker of the modem as comsonics. so something is shady again. Also the speed tests are not testing the speed of the data of the actual ip address the network adapter is using. its using the twc wan ip address. so that data is incorrect. I never did understand why they had me on 200mbps speed. i do not need it and had to get as part of the upgrade when i got triple play. but since then i returned all upgrades equipment and home phone. Anyway i am beyond disgusted and frustrated and don’t trust them with anything they say or do. because they have lied and fabricated stories deliberately to blame the customer rather then resolving the problem.