Time warner insisted that with new customers, even with their own modem and time warner signal already working, that it is protocol to send a service technician to make activate your account and make sure everything is working. Has anyone else with their own modem have to do this?


I live in California, and I had Verizon for over 5 years. I decided to switch to time warner cable because of lower payments. First off…I felt ROBBED! they made the deal sound soo good but I was only paying $30 less than what I originally had and no channels!! Than, they have a horrible communication!!! they never tell you about their installation rate, or down payments, or hidden payments. I even asked them to e-mail me the exact plan and deal after the second time they got it wrong and they never did! Horrible, Horrible, Horrible! their customer service will eventually fix the problem but then will create a new one.

daryl hanky austin tx

What pisses me off about them is that they are throttling youtube. So hulu and netflix all work fine at high resolution but poor old youtube at standard resolution takes 5 minutes to load a 2 minute clip.

That’s what corruption looks like.


Kansas City has terrible, terrible services. Cable is constantly pixelated, audio cuts out, takes over a minute for on demand to load, remote takes several seconds to respond (if at all), DVR does not record programs, guide does not show properly, and on and on. Have had 4 boxes in the past 6 months, along with 5 visits from repairmen. Have had them claim work was completed and tried to cancel these appointments three separate times. Each person says the last person was wrong (didn’t need a splitter, don’t need a new drop, the problem is the mainline, the problem is not the mainline, problems in area will be fixed) but no one has fixed the problem. The Internet speeds usually hover around 1-2 Mbps, when paying for 15. Anytime after 8pm, cannot watch any streaming programs due to lousy speeds.

They frequently say that everything checks out, even while on the phone with customer service while the problem is occurring. Will be switching to Google Fiber as soon as it is available.

Ken K Cedar Park

I honestly don’t know how they could be any worse than they are.
Long story short, they suck.
They don’t even pretend to be good.
It’s like they know they suck and they’re kinda proud of it.