Fatima Charlotte NC

Hello all I can see now I’m one off many customers they lie to. It is sad for them they must lie to keep profits coming. Time Warner is the worst. I spent a week trying to order my internet first I try earthlink only for me to find out they(earthlink) could not service my area because TWC had in their system I owe them $29.95 for a service request from 2009. I talk to more
then ten CSR within 6 days with no real results finally, I went to their corporate office here Charlotte ,Nc. After speaking to their
highly trained manager I was made to pay $108 dollars to get my service the same day. I had no choice because they are the lead service provider in my area, that means they a monopoly over the market. These customers abuses always happens due to lack of equal competition. Yes TWC is one of the wrost. As i told the csr i rader eat dirt then to do business with business them. I belive the FCC needs to do something as for me, I will contact the corperate officers. Buyer be ware when it comes to TWC.


I HOPE YOU READ THIS BEFORE GETTING TWC. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to cancel service since Feb 2014. I bought a house and moved. I called to cancel service upon buying the house and moving yet they are stating I have a modem that I don’t have that the really bad installer took with him since I have my own. I’m a web professional! They insist I owe them for thir box yet I wasn’t billed ever (3 years!) while supposedly still having it. Why wouldn’t they bill me monthly if I actually had their modem? There’s the proof! They hit my account again too so I’m setting a fraud claim against them through my bank and tomorrow I’m writing a complaint to the FCC. Next is Small Claims Court Unless this site gets smart and gets a class action going. Legal action seems necessary to quit your account. I can’t wait until they tank and go out of business.