Valerie Morrisville NC

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced recent issues with Time Warner service in the Raleigh, NC area. Everything was going fine until a couple weeks ago, when it seems they did some kind of overhaul with their on-screen guide system. I’m not complaining about the guide listings themselves, even though I dislike this new format, but it seems like at the same time they overhauled the guide, it totally screwed up my DVR along with it. I’m having problems with my screen completely blacking out, both when I’m recording two shows at once, and even after all of my recordings are finished. I’ve missed several shows that have been both series recordings and have not, because the DVR fails to pick up the recording, and when I go to the “recording log” in my list, it says “The set-top box was unable to record this program.” No reason is given. Many of my shows that DO record come out blank. I’ve had to reboot my box once or twice a week. I know the best solution would be to take my box to Time Warner and swap it out, but I have so many recordings that I don’t want to lose (yeah, I know, it sounds stupid, but some are instructional and I still need to watch them and take notes, which is time-consuming, so I’ve been putting it off). I don’t have a high definition TV, and thus, do not use the HD channels. Has anyone else had any of these issues? If so, what have you done about them? Thanks in advance for your input!

Sari S. West Allis WI

Just moved (actually still hauling stuff) from one part of town to another part of town, I have not left the area code or the county…

was initially told that my phone # (which is bundled with my tv and internet) would just transfer over… and for the first couple of days after hook up at the new house I was getting calls at the old number just fine.

Suddenly today, callers are getting a “This number is no longer in service message” and reach me on my cell asking “what’s up?” So call to TWC gets some line about being in a different rate zone, and that FCC rules won’t let me keep my old number, or get my old number back. Asked to speak to a supervisor and I think I just got passed to another CS agent who just repeated the same story…

I’ll be calling the FCC Monday morning to check this out… and if necessary file a complaint.
The worst of it is, that I had to call to find out my new number, and that it HAD been changed.
It would have been better to have been told this up front.

Lamar Carnes Kerrville Tx

I have never had so much problems with securing cable t.v. and internet service in my entire life. Applying for service with Time Warner brought about a problem existing in my apartment complex. No main line functional from outside to my apartment outlets. So, a service dept appointment from another city close to 100 miles had to come to this smaller city to install that. This took a little over a week to get him out here. Then a promise the next day they would install my services. Didn’t happen. The c/s did not tell me the truth but put the entire matter on hold because of the other need being existing and didn’t make an appointment like he had said he would do. So, after finding this out after waiting an entire morning, I find that the c/s lady had to give an appointment further down the line – another week almost. She stated if they had a cancellation they would try to get me in sooner. But told me that they would certainly come out on a Saturday between 8-12AM September 1st. So again I waited. No one showed up. I called and found out the c/s had scheduled me for the 6th of September rather than the 1st as I was told. Now after about 3 weeks I may get a installation done, but not really sure, because they may change it and not notify me at all. So I am going to call ever day and check up on them now after learning things can be changed without me being notified. So, almost now a month I may get service from Time Warner, not sure, by maybe. Since they are the only main firm in this area, they seem to treat us like we have no needs or cares and just throw us around like a rag doll in terms of schedules etc.! Really disgusted but have no choice except satellite which I don’t like at all in this area.


Our cable has been out for 48 hours. at first they told us there was a known outage in out area and that they would call when it was fixed. haven’t heard back from them. called again today and was told that the soonest someone can come fix it is 5 days from now! why am I paying for a service that doesn’t work?!?

Jan Wi.

I have tw cable for phone, tv and computer. I have been only having a problem with my phone…..
I have one phone number area code 218 that I have an intermittent problem with calling. This has been going on for over a year and I just get a runaround from tw, it’s not their problem they keep telling me!!! I get dead air, ring no answer, (which I shouldn’t get if she is on the phone I should get a busy signal or it should go to her recorder if she is not home), a fax machine (high pitched buzz) or one time Lord knows where the call went but it was to an oriental woman who could not hear me!! We have also been talking when I did get through and will get cut off. When I asked if they work with the phone provider on her end TW tells me no, they don’t work with anyone!! I know the phone companies are at odds, but how else do they expect to fix the problem?????? Also every time I call TW I get a different person who – even when I give them previous ticket numbers that I have opened – give me the “it’s not our problem story” and want me to again to start from ground zero. I always have the times I called, with the problem that I had when I caledl so I know they can go in and look at that call. I’m ready to pull my hair out….has anyone ever had or heard of this type of problem? I would be most anxious to hear from you.
I realize that the call can always be routed different and does not always take the same path. I opened (again) a ticket with her phone provider and the difference between her providers customer service and TW customer service is unbelievable they are so understanding, concerned and basically nice. How refreshing!!
I have no trouble calling anyone else nor does my sister have any trouble with other incoming calls.
Has anyone else ever had this problem or know of anyone who has with TW or any other phone service. When I can’t get through to this number I will call a sibling in Washington state, California or Minneapolis and they will call her and get through with no problems. @#$%&** sorry I just had to vent. Thanks for any input.