Michelle Costa Mesa CA

I reluctantly signed up for Time Warner when we bought our new house because ATT U-Verse was not available in our new neighborhood. I should have known by our initial installation appointment that they would be nothing but trouble. My installation appointment lasted 7 hours and the shady technician ignored my request of what room I wanted the modem in and placed it in our living room. When I called Time Warner, they wanted to charge me $50 to have another tech come out. I don’t think so…
Also, when I signed up, they promised me a $100 rewards card. 4 months later I received a $50 rewards card. After MANY calls, they finally agreed to mail me out another $50. 3 months later and I’m still waiting… Crooks!
To add insult to injury, my TV constantly changes itself to the QVC channel and all the boxes display the EOS (emergency signal). When this happens, the box freezes. I cannot turn the channel, turn the TV off or do anything for about 10 minutes and HAVE to have my programming interrupted and forced to watch QVC. This happens several times a day.
I signed up for Time Warner in May 2013. I have over 75 calls logged to them so far and NO ONE will take responsibility and fix this problem with my service. I have had 8 service calls and all they do is replace my box and it does nothing to fix the problem. The techs that they send to my house are scary, dirty men and I feel very uncomfortable having them lurk throughout every room in my house on a regular basis. Plus, not one of them has cleaned up after themselves. They leave the mess for me… Nice!
Customer service had been overly rude to me, no one will listen or fix the problem and I am left paying for a service that does not work properly. I’ve had it with Time Warner! I have had promise after promise for a supervisor to call me back, but it’s only happened once. The supervisor gave me his word that this would be handled and told me to call him directly if the issue continued. I have left 12 messages for him on his direct line with not ONE return call since the beginning of December. His name is Ambrose Longstreet and his direct line is: (512) 583-3154. Go ahead… Blow up his phone!! I guarantee he won’t answer or call you back.
I was with ATT U-Verse for 8 years and never had any issues or had to call once during that time. I’ve been with Time Warner for 7 months, initiated over 75 calls to customer service and had to endure 8 service calls, (each time losing my recordings on my DVR bc they continuously replace my boxes). I’m done with this criminal company! Fuck Time Warner!!!


Simi Valley, California

Cable internet connection has been dropping several times an hour since yesterday. Sometimes off for extended periods, getting a maximum of 2mpbs and often testing at under .5mbps.

If they weren’t the only cable internet provider in the area, there’s no way in hell I’d ever choose to use them.

C. Merson Dallas TX

In Dallas half the time we don’t get our NHL team the Stars in HD. It’s bounced off HD onto a fuzzy SD channel. You figure with all the bandwidth they have that they could secure a HD channel for the NHL! It was girls volleyball the other day! Meanwhile the NBA team gets TWO channels in HD when we can’t even get one consistent channel for the NHL. U-Verse here we come!

Robin brown Appleton Wi

Please wait and poor service.very poor co.service tech are not up on how to fix anything pay for premium service.cuts in and out and fades out same complaint since day one.now you changed your name to a nother worthless company


I have never experienced a worse Internet connection. I am on the most expensive, fastest consumer plan, but the speed is comparable to DSL. I lose connection at least 5 times an hour, on average. I cannot stream Netflix using my Sony stereo system because the Internet connection is unreliable. Some of my colleagues and I work from home for our company. But when we’ve gone to Time Warner to complain, the state that in the agreement there is no guarantee of service. They won’t credit for times we are down and now they have the balls to say they don’t guarantee our service- but they sure guarantee our payment each month! This company makes Comcast look good.

Frustrated Crime Warner Customer Elizabeth City NC

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE CRIME WARNER CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They suck fat donkey dick. And I hope the company goes bankrupt so that MAYBE I will have some other option for cable service. I have to call and deal with them a couple of times a year since they bought out Adelphia. Never had an issue with Adelphia. Unfortunately, I have no other choice in my area except Direct TV, and they have horrible reviews as well.

Top 5 Biggest Complaints:

1.) I pay for 20mbps of internet service, sometimes I get 18mbps, sometimes I get less than 1.

2.) Cable box issues! Always freezing, not recording programing, having to reset it, call about it, schedule service, replace the box, etc….. ALWAYS SOMETHING! (Samsung smt-3720 box)

3.) Customer Service. I spend more time talking to them, or should I say HOLDING and getting transferred then I do watching their services per week.

4.) Customer Service (Again). I WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH. I pay my bill with U.S. Currency, I want U.S. Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least
5.) PRICE!!!!!!!!! I pay $140 per month for cable and internet. This doesn’t include the premium channels…. IT DOES INCLUDE A WHIRLWIND OF HEADACHES.



The last year has been hard for me, it started out me thinking my fiancé and I were finally going to be out on our own but that’s turned out to be wrong. So we and five of our friends moved into my moms house while she was out of town it was originally a two year deal.
First it was us and two other guys but they left and three people replaced them. When they left they took the internet with them so I got internet, my very first utility in my name and by god if I could take it back I would.
Insight had been bought out by time warner. No other cable companies were anywhere close to is. We all used the internet so we got the fast one they had which was about $85 a month. I understand that having six people in one house all using the internet at the same time will slow it down but let’s fast forward to when my room mates all moved out about the same time. Me and my fiancé were still there but looking at apartments, I’d lost my job, it seemed like the beginning of a fallout with my best friends, and soon things would get worse for me. Not too long after I lost a job I loved did I find another job, Chinese delivery driver. I hardly saw anyone it wasn’t a legal job so I worked 11 hour days about six days a week, I was exhausted when I came home and felt like I was dying when I woke up. My fiancé had a good paying job but got fired due to a computer error. So my very low paying job became our bacon.

Back to the point: I’d found out by now that I could pay my bills over the phone at three in the morning, I could change my services or make a payment plan, schedule to move my services, or even just get assistance from a customer service person ALL during times that most people are asleep. I new we’d be moving in with my sister who had time warner so I figured I’d cancel my service and use hers. The first time I tried, I got an automated message telling me to call back during “normal” business hours. I tried multiple time to get a hold of someone and when I finally did they had to transfer me to someone who kept me on hold for hours!!! Not to mention the fact that when it was just me and my fiancé we would both get kicked off of our “turbo” Internet somehow.
I’m extremely mad with them their customer service is piss poor.
I now spend my money(from a better job) on a nice smartphone instead of internet and that enough for me. Whenever I do get internet again I’ll probably get a verizon jet pack because I doubt I’ll need it much. Thanks for listening and hopefully one day we’ll all get better people doing these things I don’t have the patience to stay with TWC. I hope those that manage to stick it out don’t have too bad a time. 🙁

M.k. Vanderbeak Austin TX


internet was fine yesterday at 3:00pm. Then a TW contractor, with louisiana license plates and a big LSU sticker on his worktruck, shows up to do an install somewhere in the apartment complex. CAPITAL BROADBAND. anywayz, he totally fu*ks it up and takes out the entire buildings internet.

Time Warners solution? Transfer everybody to the philippines. and that is after *99222 to actually talk to a human… otherwise you will be put on indefinite hold..

Want to cancel? Transferred to ‘customer rentention’ where they threaten you with fee’s and other crap.

What a lousy company.


While watching a recorded program, the cable kicks me out on the hour (or whenever ) when another program is beginning to be recordEd. I must begin the program I was watching from the the beginning again. This happens every time. It is most annoying.
A tech came out from TW and his only solution was to replace the cable box. Why should I give him my recorded box with little hope this will be resolved as the tech didn’t understand what the problem is. He was just guessing.