While cable is so expensive, why should I have to restart, unplug, etc to fix problems all the time??? And they advertise wifi through the house! We can’t get it in an upstairs room of an average house!!! So annoying, should I get dish? Thanks.


I watch a lot of Youtube. Currently TWC will not let me connect to youtube, gives me the cannot “connect to server” message. Strange, my phone can access youtube; My friends with Windstream can access youtube right now. I checked and found that there is no reported youtube server outages. I know it’s TWC throttling the service.


Terrible company their in Florence SC only has a machine. You leave a message & no one ever calls you bach .I would like to know how to break their monopoly on cable service in our area.

Chris S Columbia SC

Not just texas, Here in South Carolina Its the same story. I’ve had Time Wanner for two Years now. My cable has yet to work for more than a week without Tv, Modem,Phone Going off line. It’s out every morning for 3-4 hours and yet Time Wanner cant say why, And sign up for Yet my bill is higher every month. So call your Congressman and Tell TimeWanner sucks Daily.


So, my internet that I pay alot for hasn’t been working since Saturday. Called on Saturday and they scheduled an appt for Wednesday. Rearranged our entire work schedules to be home. Tech showed up early and did some stuff outside the house where a cable is laying out in the yard. Cable worked for 2 minutes while he was here. Dropped as soon as he left. I called back and spent 23 minutes on the phone with shanika? Who tried to diagnose the problem with her supersonic technological powers. I was finally told that she would try to get the tech back out today but may have to schedule another appt. We already rearranged our entire day to accommodate THEM! I requested a call back to let me know…got nothing. Called back and automated message indicated my NEW appt that I knew nothing about was a week from now at a time my husband nor I could be there (thanks for letting me know shamisha or whatever your name is). Bottom line…we are now on “stand by” and someone is supposed to call us an hour before they will be here…yeah right.

Greg Forrest Cedar Park TX

Disconnected my DirecTV last weekend and replaced it with TWC specifically to save on my monthly cost. The install went well and the installation guy was on time and called when he was on his way. Kudos for all of that, but that is as far as I will go with the Kudos.

First, the DVR interface is really bad, especially comparing it to the DTV, and that’s not saying much because DTV interface was not great either. The TWC interface is clunky and reminds me of Window 95! Just slow and not very user friendly and not very intuitive. But that’s not the worst of it…

The HD picture is awful! It pix-elates and blurs with dark colors and fast moving picture (hockey games, etc…) and seems to freeze ever so slightly whenever there is blurring. When you change channels, the picture comes in and then blanks out for like 5 seconds then comes back. The tech told me it’s a glitch in the software. He also said that the volume control for the TV in “cable” mode on the remote doesn’t always work, and he was right! Half the time I can’t change the volume with the remote unless it in TV mode.

The whole house DVR is a great idea, but a lot of basic features just aren’t there. The other rooms that access the DVR can not pause live TV, delete a show or even start a recording. Those seem to be basic things that can be added to make the interface a bit more user friendly.

I do like the On Demand channels. There are a lot to choose from and they load very fast! However, a lot of the On Demand does not play back in HD! Why?!!! If it’s a matter of download speeds, if I had to wait a little longer, so be it! At least the picture would be worth the wait!

Over all, very unhappy. I’m just glad I’m not paying through the nose for this. I guess you get what you pay for!

Hey Time Warner, I hope you’re paying attention! You’re going to lose another customer if things don’t change, especially with the HD picture quality!