Vikki Johnson Carlsbad Ca


I recorded the World Cup today based on the time warner guide (according to the guide, it was on channel 730, at 11:00am). I recorded it because I was at work all day and wanted to see it when I got home. I got home, and I hit play and even though the DVR said it was playing the World Cup, woman’s basket ball was playing! I have had several times where I record shows and they when I play them they are wrong. Normally, it’s on channels like bravo where they repeat everything so I don’t really care. But the World Cup? I had friends over to watch it so I’m really annoyed that the guide was wrong. Maybe I should be more annoyed that the time warner cable is wrong numerous times. I call them and they have no answers saying “the guide says World Cup, the World Cup should have recorded.” If the World Cup recorded, i wouldn’t be calling! Does anyone else have this problem?


Local commercials are being broadcast on some of the cable stations, particularly Bravo, that interrupt the program and often cut out part of the episode. These local spots literally cut off dialogue in mid sentence and when the program returns, the credits or previews of future episodes are running.

This is not a complicated problem. I’m thinking that it is a local issue and that they have program engineers to monitor and schedule the broadcast traffic. Time Warner Cable in Austin is probably making money by running local ads in time slots that they have decided to add and/or that run over the prescribed times and/or over national ad spots. Everybody pays, not everyone gets the airtime or in the case of the viewer, the full program.

Other than this recent issue and a problem several years ago with pregnant squirrels gnawing on my outside cable line, I have been satisfied with TWC in Austin. You cannot blame the squirrels for bad behavior but it took TWC four or five visits over nine months before one of the service technicians actually got the ladder off the truck to check the line on the pole.


TW does suck. I never get a straight answer. If I call with the same question more than once I get a different answert every time. I have been lied to so much by them that I don’t trust anything they say. Complaining to the FCC won’t help either. I tried that and got nothing, not even a response from either of them.
Digital boxes are constantly being “reprogrammed”.
The service freezes every 10 minutes. I hope you really didn’t want to hear that news story because it just froze in the middle of the story.
Every time I call with a problem they tell me its probably my fault. I spoke to one of their service people and he said. “its a bad, poorly developed system.” He further said that I get lied to becasue they don’t want people asking for refunds or calling FCC. We should cut the budget and just get rid of the FCC.


Time warner is the worst cable company that i have ever experienced. I just bought a new sony hdtv. I thought something was wrong with the picture quality because when i were to watch sports in hd the picture looked horrible. It looked like it was in standard definition maybe a little worse. I had best buy come to my place and they told me it wasn’t the tv because the blu ray looked amazing. I tried switching cable boxes to the best one they offer and that still didn’t do anything. I called to see if there was anything more i could do and all they do is pretend that it is just me and that they have perfect 1080i picture quality. They are morons. I am trying to switch to direct tv but i don’t know if i will be able to cuz i live in an apartment complex. So i have two horrible choices, which happen to be Time Warner Cable and at&t UVerse