Chris Houk Austin Tx

This company should seriously be sued for fraud. All of our boxes lost the signal at 1:30 today & now they say Thursday is the soonest they can send someone out. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! thats 4 days of no TV that we pay for. The baxes mess up continually. All I ever hear is “I’m sorry for your inconvenience” They should be shut down. I will find a different provider.

R. Wiley Austin TX

What’s up with the Time Warner remote control???

To get it to work, it has to be laser focused directly at the Time Warner (sucks) cable box. Any fractional variance produces either no results or BAD results!

With every other remote I’ve got I can just point it in the general direction of the TV and all is well.

Hey Time Warner Austin – YOU SUCK!!!

Ed Tagthat Ass

I am an anonymous TWC employee who hates Austin. It was 3 years ago that Austin took over the State of Texas and made my life a living hell. I encourage people to check into possible competition. It’s time for people to “get tough” and not “roll over” to corporate antics. Help us help you! And tip your cable guy–you can only imagine how little we get paid!


Time warner cable sucks.
My Big screen is tiling out, so I can’t even watch it. I tried to call and when I finally reached a CS representative, They were in the Philippines. I don’t want to talk to someone half way around the planet. I want to talk to some one in America. But I can’t get through. For 2 days I have been trying. They just tell me to keep calling back and maybe I will get lucky. These people are taking jobs from our country. I just can’t talk to them out of principle. How bad is it that your service is so bad that you can’t hire enough CS reps to take all the calls. You gotta send the calls to the other side of the planet. This is just wrong. Guess I’m walking in to the office tomorrow. “(