What is going on?? Regular stations are fllickering and jumping around so cannot watch the show. HD is working fine. This all started this moring. Again what is going on!!!

Raymond Austin Tx

I have the Time Warner Cable Scientific Atlanta 8240 HD box. It has limited storage capacity so I wanted to hook an external hard drive to the box. I called TWC 3 times and received 3 different answers about doing this (can be done; can’t be done; and can be done if I take my box to the service center so they can activate the port). Two responders told me to me to go to the service center with the box but neither can provide a phone number for the center.


After listening to ads for $14.99 internet I called to get my service reduced from $54.99 I was sent to Johnny in Pakistan and he couldn’t help me. I was transferred to Lucy in the Philippines she couldn’t help me. She was going to transfer me but I was hung up on. They suck I am going to transfer to some other service tomorrow


This shit sucks.

TWC throttles bandwidth (fucks over your connection by literally stopping the connection). I called and asked them about this, the told me that they “stop the connection to stabilize their service output centers. The cable routing office gets overloaded with binary packets if we don’t stop it.

In case you didn’t know, service output centers, cable routing offices, and binary packets DON’T EXIST.

I’m going back to Verizon.