I worked for Time Warner Cable Customer service for 14.5 years, but retired recently. I must say that the people who called in from Austin were for the most part very nice.

I know that i provided exemplary customer sevice on every call as did most of the folks who were within my earshot in the Call Center.

However, we often got malcontent customers on the phone who were verbally abusive and at times even threatened bodily harm. Some of these extremest custmers have posted on this site. Others, I am sure have legitimate complaints.

I do know that Time Warner provides the best service in Central Texas and offers a lot of bang for your buck. The Austin area consistently gets to roll out the new services and these are usually months if not years before the competitors get the new service.

It boils down to you get what you pay for. i know when I worked there 90% of those who left Time Warner came back, usually with horror stories about what the competition had been like.

Go ahead and compare the service of a competitor for awhile and see if you d not agree. I personally have had wonderful customer service both on the phone and in my home.


MY speeds are terrible and my ping times both to my IP and from my location are just embarrassing!!
When are they going to realize that they need to get with the program and start offering normal speeds actually provide the speed AND MAYBE CHARGE less then $300 a month for a 35/5 connection!


I switched a year ago and huge mistake. Please wait screens, poorly designed user interface are mild irritants compared to watching a recorded show in progress delete itself after it finished the recording. I now get to wait 4 days to finish it on demand IF it is one of the episodes available since often On Demand skips episodes. The Internet is SLOW and creates authentication errors and needs to be rebooted constantly. The guide does not respond to remote I put or you do not believe so and hit the button again only to find yourself on screens or watching a show you did not choose. I am done. Costco and Direct TV here I come but will be getting a different Internet provider as well.


After years of terrible service in every way, Uverse finally became available in my area and I switched. No more freezing and pixilating TWC picture. Plus, the HD picture is 10X better. So long TWC, you really do suck.