Chris Austin TX

I have never had any problems with Time Warner cable. I watch you tube, netflix, etc,,,,, all the time, my resolution is great, loading time within 5 seconds or so. I love Time Warner, they helped me out anytime I call or go by. The reception is great, the internet is fast, and I also have their phone service, I love it. I had Dish Network about 5 years ago, don;’t get me started terrible service, my neighbor also switched from Direct TV terrible service there also.
I think location is probably your problem, maybe you were at the end of the line before a amp, or something. I know very few people who have had many problems with TWC.


had time warner from 2003 to 2011. i can’t tell you how many times they have proven to me that they are the spawn of satan. just got uverse. had it for 2 weeks and it fucking rocks. fuck time warner.

Disgusted with no choice.

Today in Mesquite texas we had a supposedly outage. Constant disconnects thru out the day everyday. Was told to upgrade my service. Did that still constant disconnects. Called last thursday about the wireless not working on the modem and was told someone would come out that day with a new modem. Today is Tuesday no tech,no new modem. Tech today told me my ticket had been closed.
Well never was told when outage restored or wha tit was. Still no tech….Hmmmmmm May need to to start posting grief on the stockboards. That will hit where it hurts.

steve garden grove ca

internet is going to shit by twc in orange county. slow as molasses, nothing loads, all this beauty for $66/month…cancelled cable tv after 3 months, it was basically useless…so is the entire company from ceo to janitor. sell your stock, dump the service, let’s get a class action together and bankrupt this mofos.


We are stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. The problems are just as bad here, we have had poor internet for months where we have to ‘re-set’ everything. As of the last week we have limited internet, meaning hit and miss if a site will load. This is the only service provider for us and we have lived here for several years.