Anonymous Oxford OH

Okay, this is a complaint and a plea for help in one. I am a college student and apparently can only get TWC for internet here. I am paying for a 15 MB/s connection, yet I rarely get up to 2 MB/s. Most of the time, I have a 500 KB/s connection. Is there anything I can do about this, or am I basically SOL?

Patrick Stewart Syracuse ny

I have been a twc customer for a few years now. As of this year im paying more for the services I get. And for the past six months certain channels which are the ones I watch the most are not coming in at all or very blurry or skipping all the time. It’s very annoying especially seeing I pay over 100$ a month. I have tried to restart the box, checked the connections, had the box replaced and updated.still no resolve. I’m calling tomorrow, if not addressed I’m cancelling all services.what a joke. P.s. I called about this issue months ago and there solution was a new box, well that worked for two days then back to where I started. No discovery channel, no a+e, no Nickelodeon. Boo! I’m already a att customer with my cell phone, looks like they have tv now , hint hint.

Joe China ME

The jerks answer the phone on the second ring if you call sales. Want to upgrade your service? “Sure, no problem, it should just work, plug it in and go” BS! Been waiting on hold for an hour for tech support to answer the phone because sales idiots speak out of their ass to sell you something. I HATE TWC!


Time Warner channels in Syracuse NY go out regularly. they blame it on the equipment and tell me I need a reboot. I am rebooting, a process that takes an excessive amount of time for computers in 2013.

They have also moved all customer support to the carolinas where the reps could care less about the difficulties of consumers.

I will be witching back to another provider as Time Warner service is perhaps the worst I have ever experienced.

Joni Nj

You are not the only one ,believe me .I was on the phone for hours with a rep…she gave me a credit of 100 something dollars .,she even promissed me a call back next day ,she did call me the next day to make sure the credit was added to my account .the reason why i was arguing with them ,I did not receive a single bill from january to may.then i started to wonder i went to check my bill online thats when i started to realize ive been ripped off……for some reason I did not believe her ,I called them back to make sure the credit was added I used to have same kind of problem with t mobile…after 2 days I called back so to make sure she did a great job..the next rep and the supervisor did not have a Damn clue about the credit…I spent time for nothing. I went to their office they gave me a credit of 75 dollars .next bill came without a credit in my account I called customer service they did not have a clue about my bill…my bill went from 128 to 180 dollars per month .my receipt said I owe 283 I paid 135 unpaid balance was 147.52 .so 283 -147 =75 credits .then I received June bill saying I owed previously 357-135paid = unpaid balance 221 .I called them, the rep tryna make me look stupid saying the credit was added my unpaid balance was 149 at the time insted of 147.52.I paid my 135 on the 5-15-15 i called and cancelled on june 2… my bill usually due on the 12 ..they even reduce my bill to 135 dollars a month …now I have to pay 98 dollars from may 13 to June 2 ,2015 .I advise everyone to check your bill everytime or you will get ripped offf..check what they are chaging every single detail.. thank you


Using Cisco digital adapter on smart TV and it keeps dropping channels. Message is “we’ve detected an interruption in your service… Please check the connections…”
This only happens on the smart TV! Then at some pojnt, we get those channels back and all is working again. The channel does alot of pixelating before loosing the channels. Not all channels are lost, but it’s always the same Channels.
Anyone have an explanation for the his happening? Leu me know!