Why is it that the only cable company who is having an issues with CBS is Time Warner? I have contacted ATT&T Uverse, Comcast Cable, Charter Cable, Direct TV, Grande Cable, Verizon and Dish Network and all stated that they have NO plans to drop CBS. Seems to me the problem lies with Time Warner not CBS. Also, we pay over 200 per month and have constant issues with our internet speed as well as getting a clear signal to our TV.


I’m not super pleased with TWC rates, either. Steadily climbing, but no appreciable increase in service. BUT – I looked into Uverse & it was a nightmare. Horribly difficult to contact, could never give me the same price quote twice, lied about the rates and (thankfully, it turns out) changed installation dates several times. The good news is that the date-swapping allowed me to see the bait & switch pricing. So I cancelled the request for Uverse & stayed with TWC. Looking for alternatives, but none yet. We all need to complain about the way they default you into a new ‘contract’ every few years. That shold be illegal. Meanwhile, the outages are fewer lately, but I’ve discovered you can often get some hefty adjustments on the bill when that happens if you push the issue. The service reps are very nice, BTW, as others have stated. Overall, we pay way more than we should for these services. Anyone else remember the days of rabbit ears & free TV, and a phone bill that was separate? Oh well . . .


My internet has been unbearable for the past week. I’ve been barely able to watch anything on youtube and it’s nearly impossible to download any software updates I need. The download speeds are so slow, the files are considered corrupted/unreadable by the time they finish. I think my internet is being throttled, but I have no idea why they chose me and how long it will last.

Brian Los Angeles Ca

We “upgraded” to the new modem the last week of October. Once we registered the new modem online, we lost our phone service. When we contacted TWC, they refreshed the signal and still no phone. They made an appointment for a rep to come out for a week later! We waited at home at the designated time and no rep. When we called to find out where the rep was, they said that they canceled the appointment because it was the wrong kind of rep requested for the job. They used an outside contractor and no one notified us. Their mistake as on their end. Amazing. Bad customer service. Two weeks and still no phone. We hate TWC.

ginawill middletown oh

I have had issues with missing channels, freezing screens, channels unavailable for the DVR to record, etc for 4 months. I have rebooted, changed boxed, and finally had every wire and connector replaced in my house. The Technician told me I went from a -14 to a +14, whatever that means. The only thing I care about was watching my $120 cable! Well, my cable may now be a +14, but every issue I had before I am still having. I called TWC and I was irate! The lady that took my call said let me see if there is a problem in your area. I said don’t bother this has been going on for 4 months! She said, it looks like there is an upgrade going on in your area, lucky you! I said, “Oh Really!” How long has this been going on? She said since January. I said I have asked 10 people if there is anything going on in my are and if there is anyone else complaining of the same issues and they have all said no, but now you are telling me they have all lied to me? She said I don’t know maam, but there is an upgrade going on in your area. I said then I expect a credit on my bill for the last 4 months since I have taken off work twice, called TWC 6 times, rebooted my system more times than I can count, and have not been able to watch one recorded show on my DVR. She said, absolutely maam that will be on your next bill. Well, I’ll let you know how much that credit is for!

Melanie Espenschied Dover Oh

I live in Dover,Ohio. I have Time-Warner Cable HDTV and pay for a box each month for my channels. My rate is over $80.00. As of this past weekend, you have changed the Weather Channel that forcasts everything BUT OHIO WEATHER. I could care less about California,. Washington, Mexico weather. Why are you doing this. Do you not realize this is a safety issue for many who turn to the weather with all the tornados, etc. Please fix this problem immediately.


We have a 3 year Time Warner Business class contract. It was due to expire at the end of June. We started trying to negotiate a new contract with our account manager in January. Eventually we find we have a new account manager. After lots of promises and very little action we get a new contract signed in March.

Then comes the silence. We have been through this before and it didn’t go well so we start contacting our account manager in May. No response. Complete silence. Nothing.

New contract is supposed to go into effect on July 1st. The the first iteration of the work order to make the changes shows up July 5th. It’s totally wrong. After an hour of review I send it back for corrections. It goes through the entire month of July and at least 6 versions before it is correct. It gets signed at the very end of July.

Now it’s implementation time. Silence. I start sending our account manager emails. Eventually we have a meeting with the account manager and a tech contact. I tell them everything that I expect to happen. They agree to everything. I’m happy but we are over a month behind schedule…

Silence… Ok, more emails. I get a response back from my account manager. After much prodding we get our bandwidth changes implemented in the middle of August. One and a half months late.

Unfortunately this is only half of the battle. We still need our Time Warner provided firewalls upgraded. Silence… I send an email asking for status and a credit for July and august. SILENCE. NO RESPONSE.

Whoops. Time Warner lets the licenses on our firewalls expire. We lose all of the key services that we need. Doh, Sorry…

In early October I submit a complaint to their corporate feedback page. After about 4 days I get a call from my Account Manager. He is completely clueless. Whoops. Looks like the work order got closed after the work was half done. He thought the new firewalls had been installed… Whut?

Now the work order is reopened and firewalls are scheduled for replacement. Only problem is they have completely forgotten our conversation. They schedule 11 of the upgrades at times when the locations are closed, they schedule 21 upgrades at times that a shakey and the forget 3 locations altogether. Fun.

Meanwhile we haven’t paid a bill since June because they haven’t been able to send us one that is correct. We also haven’t gotten the credit that we asked for.

Business class is a joke. Worst company ever.


I have fun with TW. Every year after a long winter when I turn on my seasonal service I call them and play dumb and they pretend to be turning it on and I pretend to wait for it. After about an hour on the phone, on their dime, while I’ve been busy doing other things and they have passed me from person to person I hang up and turn on my system and it’s working.
I do like their technique of trying to stuff it to people by saying the most stupid technical things that they have to check and set and then putting you on hold and coming back minutes later many times, I just play dumb and let them go and do other things while waiting. When they come back they always ask, “Is it working yet” and I say no but don’t bother to tell them I haven’t turned it on yet. I used to get mad, now I enjoy finding out what new ways of delaying people they have come up with.
I’ll miss these tricky little munchkins once Comcast buys them and fires them all.


Time warner insisted that with new customers, even with their own modem and time warner signal already working, that it is protocol to send a service technician to make activate your account and make sure everything is working. Has anyone else with their own modem have to do this?


I tried to downgrade $130 worth of TWC Austin HDTV DVR, Digital box, and 20Mb/s RR. Assholes transferred me about 5 times, then finally I get a guy who tells me I can’t get a “new subscriber $49.95/month” rate on just Roadrunner. MY rate for 20Mb/s RR would be $79.99 unless I cancel for 3 months. Neither are without taxes and fees of course. What a f**king scam. Why can’ they just tell me how much this BS will cost when charged on my bank account? Been a customer for over 15 years and this the thanks I get? I wish there was a net neutral alternative to TWC in SW Austin. RR actually works fine and so does the TV stuff but it ain’t worth it.


Wow, some of the folks on here truly don’t even know what they’re getting for their dollar. I sure don’t work for Time Warner but I’m familiar with most of the technical issues involved with getting video content into our living rooms and Internet content to and from our computers. You don’t just flip a switch and sit back, although sitting in your living room with your remote in hand might make it seem like that’s all there is to it. Sure, there are going to be random issues with any technology implementation and the .0001% of folks who are in that statistic want to make others feel like everyone is screwed. Misery really needs company.

Relax and enjoy the ride until things are smoothed out. They always are. “Somewhere” else always seems better, but I suggest you check out the “” website!