TWC constantly moves programs to upper tiers, leaving mostly junk channels in basic. When I recently set up a new TV, I found a bunch of local DT channels above ch 70, several of which I enjoyed watching. Suddenly they disappeared, to re-appear mixed in among the regular channels. After a considerable period of viewability, these disappeared last night.
I contacted TWC chat. No help there, they suggested that the local stations were constantly changing their signals. Contacted one station, they had made no changes, and suggested TWC knew more than they were saying.
TWC’s greed and disdain for their customer base has no limit.

Ironically, as I tried to enter this comment, cable crapped out on me.

U R Los Angeles Ca

Tried to sign up for Internet two weeks ago. Signed up online, received confirmation email. I bought a modem, installed it, but nothing. Chatted with customer service, said couldn’t find my account. Called customer service, said no record of my account so I had to give over all information again. Said technician would come next day and Internet would be working. Two days passed, still no Internet. Called again. Said needed MAC address which I had already provided. Got cut off. Called again a few minutes later. New operator said no record of my account despite the fact that operator I had just spoken with had pulled up my account info in seconds. This operator tells me she will get Internet working. Later calls back and tells me she can’t find my modem model in order to deliver service to it (despite the fact that it is one of only ten modem models that TWC lists as compatible with their service). What does it mean that “she can’t find my model”? Your guess is as good as mine. I chat with another technician. He has me give him my IP address and alleges to ping me, tells me my Internet is working fine, despite the fact that I have no Internet access and not able to ping any IP address myself.

I can’t make this stuff up. I’ve never experienced such horrible service in my life. It’s like they actually don’t want to provide Internet service to me.