A half a day? I’d love that it. The first time the ‘system outage’ happened I had a rep tell me that they would have someone over the very next day. Welp the day came and went and no tech guy. Great. So it ended up being a FIVE day wait. And what did I get with that complaint? Nothing. Oh well credit against my bill. Whop-tee-dee. I’d take reliable service over saving 5 bucks. So they guy came out and he walked in with it already fixed. You see the apartment complex is all runs through the same closets. So the tech told me that A) ours was unplugged and B) there was no label on it. We fired up my stuff and it magically worked. So I took his name down and asked him to please label it and make sure it was good. He mumbled something about being understaffed.

That was about 2 months ago. Welp the same thing happened today. Internet went out for no reason. Went through the steps to redemy and it came down again to sending a tech out. Do you think they can send somebody out in a half a day? Nope. I get to wait THREE days now. Well, gee, guys thanks! Make me wait three days to plug in the cable, pat me on the head, and tell me it’s alright.

For chrissakes, let’s spread the word around. Let’s make this trend higher than the company site on Google. I’m all for this. Let’s send the message out loud! Meanwhile, legal or not, I’m gonna find this closet because the tech also told me the thing was unlocked. Good work guys!


*keep in mind, I work as a systems admin and tech support, so you can imagine how pissed I get

Switched to TWC a while ago from ATT. ATT was too expensive for what i was getting, and time warner seemed so much better at half the cost, also considering I could bundle with my association’s mandatory TWC basic cable TV package. That was the beginning of my problems.

At first, we got the kit with the router/modem in one. Didn’t work when we plugged it in; no internet. TV worked fine, got all the channels I was supposed to. Luckily we didn’t cancel the DSL line yet so I used that ’til they could send someone out to figure out why it was working. So I called, got connected to someone in India (which I have nothing against, the company I work for does the same after I leave for the day), but the guy tells me its the cable line of my house that isn’t getting the signal and I needed to have someone come rip out all the old cables and replace them with new ones.

knowing that was bullshit, i waited till the morning to get someone in the US. They said ‘oh, we never switched that part of your service on from the street’, and so they sent someone out to do that.

What do you know, the internet starts working, however very poorly. I power cycled it on my own and tried to see if the router needed any special settings enabled, everything should have worked. All of my network was configured properly for it to connect to the internet. It went on and off every 15-20 minutes and would be down for 15-20 minutes each time, making it almost impossible to get anything done.

So I called again. They send someone out to check the connection strength from the street to our house, and they said it was a weak signal. He installed an amp at the street and it boosted the signal. He left before we could check.

Minor improvement. now instead of every 15 minutes, it would just go out randomly for about 5 minutes or so each time. Usually far more frequently at 3 times of the day: 2:30-4:00PM , 5:30-7:00PM and 10:00-11:30PM , all high traffic times on any ISP’s network (school ends/work ends/just before people go to sleep). So I called them again.

They sent someone out to “fix” the problem, which all they really did was give me a shiny new router which sucks dong. Same idea, the guy left before checking if the problem was fixed.

Now I have to deal with the random 5 minute down periods all day, and the router itself goes offline for 30 minutes pretty much every day. When I pull up the router from the LAN, it says “your arris router is updating. this may take a few minutes”. Either its a B/S message from time warner to try to keep me from getting pissed (which does the opposite, whenever i see it i rage) or the router itself is broken and continually updating because its stupid, either way isn’t helpful.

So I call again.

I leave my cell number for the technician because i would be helping a neighbor move a bunch of stuff into their backyard.

The technician calls my house instead, leaves a message, and disappears into the abyss. I call time warner when i don’t receive the call from the tech, they said the number on the service call would be my cell phone. she said she’d call the technician and tell him to call my cell phone again. Call never came.

I call time warner again, by this time I memorized the number combination to get through the automated menu without having to listen to a word it says. She said she would reschedule the appointment to another day. So I have to leave work early again, wait at home for a technician that would (by previous example) not fix the problem.

The guy comes and says there is nothing wrong. He doesn’t even check anything, just tells me everything looks fine. I tell him obviously I’m having a problem if they sent you here. I tell him to look at the router’s logs. “Oh, there does seem to be something wrong”. At this point, hes lucky i didn’t hit him over the head and bury him in my yard.

He says the cable from the street is causing the problem, and that I have to replace the wiring in the whole house. I bring the modem out to the street with an extention cord, plug it directly into the street port and what happens? no internet (this was at about 3:15PM, one of the times it constantly goes down). I look at him and it’s obviously not my house’s wiring. He tells me he needs to send out a specialist to investigate.

Nobody ever came. I called, they said nobody was ever scheduled.

I’ve pretty much had it and have been relying on my mobile hotspot for my internet at home (Thank god for Verizon’s mobile network).

I’ve yelled at them enough times over the phone that i’ve only paid for 3 of the last 7 months of service, but I think i’d rather pay them and get the service i’m ordering.

On a side note, my TV has worked perfectly throughout this whole process, that part of their service i do recommend. As for their internet, even if it does work, it goes down too often to do anything, can’t watch netflix/hulu/youtube, can’t read my email, can’t do anything. I’m just waiting for Verizon to lay out the fiber optic cable for FiOS in my area.

But a man can only dream.

Damien Jones Lorain OH

I live in Lorain, Ohio. How it is that Time Warner Employess, can do and say what ever they want, and disconect your services, but we call every other week because our services dont work, now how can that happen and how can we get this resolved because this is getting on my nerves and pushing my buttons


Time warner node pb007 in San Diego has been down since 1pm. It’s now almost 9 and nothing…..can’t work, can’t study….two is the WORST ISP ON THIS PLANET


My house has been having problems with Time Warner Cable. Our Internet and Phone keep on going out. We’ve been having to call Time Warner every two weeks,