Hello frustrated Time Warner Customer,

I, too, think Time Warner’s customer service is atrocious and I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere calling the number Ambrose gave you. However, that’s not because he’s a cog in the machine that is TWC’s terrible customer service, it’s because someone named Shelby Sanford-Carson now has that phone number. I don’t know the last time you tried to call him, but I tried today and the voicemail said nothing about an Ambrose Longstreet. I wanted to have your back (because I HATE TWC), but sadly it doesn’t look like either of us are going to be able to give this illusive “Ambrose” a piece of our minds. I would be upset, but it’s Time Warner. Isn’t that what we’re trained to expect?

Best of luck!

Gene Beaumont TX

Time Warner is absolutely the worst company for service. About once a month my cable box acts up and blocks movie channels I pay a big premium for. After an extended wait on the phone someone in another country finally answers the phone. The routine is always the same. They tell me to unplug the box. This doesn’t solve the problem. They tell me to do it again. It still doesn’t fix the problem. Then they schedule someone to come and change the cable box three days later. Usually they’re never on time and, on one occasion, cancelled the appointment because the phone wasn’t answered. This is ongoing. I live in Beaumont, TX and Time Warner has no competetion so they don’t feel they don’t have to provide good service. I wish there was competetion beside satelites because they don’t work during rain storms. Right?

John Austin TX

Hello All,

Well after multiple phone calls, cable box swaps, and yes using different T.V.s we and many of our neighbors, including neighbors in the general South Austin area that are miles away from us all continue to have major VIDEO TILING ISSUES between 4:30pm – 8:00pm almost everyday. Our internet service drops out (watching the cable modem) about 3-4 times a day. This has been going on for months. The customer service run-around is the same — they do not even sound as if they are in the same country.

Here’s something a bit amusing, we even have a TWC technician who lives in our apartment complex that after a few beers one night, openly admitted to chasing this ghost (the video tiling issue late in the day) in the South Austin area all the time. His general opinion was that this is a “hush-hush,” known issue that upper management is unwilling to resolve, supposedly because of the lack of competition in the area to force them to do something about it. Wonderful. Beware before you sign a lease in this part of town, because you’ll be watching your local news on your laptop/iphone on a CLEAR 4g wireless internet service — if you are lucky. Time Warner Austin absolutely steals money from people everyday. They charge you for a service you can not consistently receive. TWC AUSTIN ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!

Anyone else as frustrated? I thought Comcast was bad in the mountain west, these guys have been the worst of them all. Yay for monopolies and outsourced customer service centers who do nothing to help.



They suck at everything! Their products are terrible, their customer service is non existant, and it takes days or weeks to fix any problems. I switched my cable and internet over to AT&T about 8 months ago and love it! I have had one problem with a modem going out and AT&T was there in less that 3 hours to fix the problem! When I disconnected my cable I returned the boxes and hardware to TWC on a Friday around 1pm and was told that because it was Friday my account would not be cut off until Monday. I got my bill and was billed for the next three weeks. Called up and was told by a supervisor that because they were busy they were unable to get to my house and disconnect service for three weeks. I told him that the boxes had been returned and therefore could not have used the cable and its not my fault they could not cut off service. Went round and round with this idiot and finally gave up and paid. We kept the phone because my wife was looking for work and had resumes with the number on it already sent out. Well I cancelled the phone on Aug 2nd, even called a few days ahead to schedule it. My bill was supposed to have 2 days on it as the cutoff was July 31st. I first get charged my regular monthly fee and call and have it reversed and was told a bill for just the 2 days would follow. Next I get a bill for $115 and change saying I am two months behind (AUG and billed for Sept). Call again and was told oh this is a mistake. Finaly get the correct bill of $5.57 and called to make sure it would still go on my autopay plan but was told they cut off the autopay when the service was ended. So I ask the customer service rep if she can take the payment over the phone and she tells me their is a $5.75 charge to pay over the phone. So you are going to charge me $5.75 to pay my $5.57 bill, classic. Never again will I ever have anything from this company. I am pretty sure that with AT&T, Verizon and Comcast that TWC will be out of business very soon.

Jim C Almond NY

I have been experiencing problems with tw cable tv for quite some time now. They have sent out no less than 7 technicians and still can’t fix the problem. Now they have manged to screw up the billing process. I’m going to take this matter to the Better Business Bureau. I suggest anyone else experiencing problems with twc to do the same.


Have been a TWC customer for well over 10 years. I recently moved in the middle of a billing cycle. Was told by phone rep who assisted me with the move not to the pay bill. I would be prorated for the time I used the service at my old address and would receive a new bill. A tech come out to connect my old boxes and to set up one new box at my new address. Despite this, an error was made in the system that said I cancelled my move. As a result, I was double billed for two months, for new address and for old address. Spoke to numerous reps over the phone over a two month period to correct the error. All that happened was my old account was closed that the erroneous amount due was moved to my new account. I continued calling to have the billing corrected to no avail.I began receiving automated phone calls regarding my “past due bill”. I decided to pay an additional $100 on top of my monthly bill as partial payment for my final bill from the old address that I knew I would owe. Despite all my efforts to have my account rectified I continued receiving phone calls and then a letter. I finally insisted to speak directly to a supervisor. Spoke with a nice guy who promised to follow my case personally. My account was finally credited for the double billing right before Christmas. Problem was the system reflected a past due amount. I did not know this until my services were cut off the Thursday after Christmas. Called a rep for explanation. Rep thought past due amount came from my old address. I asked the rep how could I pay an amount that I did not know I owed. I insisted that my service be turned back on immediately (had kids at home on winter break withouth TV, phone or internet). Rep said my services could not be reconnected until I paid the past due amount. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. Rep said none were available at the moment. I told rep that I would close my account if my services were not restored. Rep left the phone came back and said that she spoke with a supervisor and that nothing could be done.

I may be biting off my nose to spite my face, but I will be leaving Time Warner due to this incident. Why should I stay with a company that does not care about me? I put in too many hours of my life trying to have what I see as a simple billing error corrected. Then I get my services cut off as thanks for my patience? TWC seems to care more about aquiring new customers and not in retaining loyal existing customers.