Lynn Menasha wi

I was with TWC for about 2 years and was always having problems and eventually reached my limit and found a new provider. The customer service when I cancelled on 9/1/15 was beyond horrible. Then two weeks later I received a bill going into October! Called and was told I was actually getting a refund in 5-7 days. Called back when said refund failed to show, then was told my refund hadn’t even been processed and it would take 4-6 weeks. Asked to speak with a supervisor Nichole in “Northern Ohio” and was told the agent had “fast tracked” my refund and should get in 5-7 days. Also discussed the history of poor service I had received and she was going to speak with her supervisor about a larger refund for the problems and PROMISED to call me back on 10/28/15. No surprise I did not get a call back and my check still hasn’t arrived. I called today and was again told it would take 4-6 weeks. Spoke to her supervisor Sam in Dayton, Ohio who said no way to fast track and he took absolutely no responsibility for what anyone else told me AND I could not complain any higher. He said only HE could speak with his supervisor and provide the details. And only if his supervisor felt Sam did something wrong, then that district manager would step in. Absolutely no accountability by management for anything!! Oh and Sam said there was no one in a higher position than him in the Dayton call center.
Went online and found facebook account to deal with issues. Posted and a rep replied to P.M. them my account info and they’d “look into it”. I did, even saw the time and date it was seen, however when I replied back I was told it was never received!
Interesting they do not have any complaint location on their webpage. Probably worried it would consume too much of their time reading them. Notice I said “reading” and not addressing, because they clearly can’t be bothered to deal with the complaints.

Office of the President is closed on Saturday but I will be calling on Monday.

Sure hope Charter knows what a lemon company they are merging with. No doubt that will be another reason for poor service–they are “settling in”.

Bill S

I switch my old Tivo ( it had two TWC cards in it) two weeks ago for the TWC DVR.

We have had the cable tech out since all most of our HD channels had audio drop and major pixilation and frame freeze. This tech was from the Business side of house. He cleanup the cable connections outside my home/office. He said that due to we live in desert 120 degree days. The HD channels may drop frame or pixel-ate. So I choked do I have to put ice on my cable lines?

Well tonight the DVR box total flaked out. It would not let me watch a show being recorded. It stuttered and froze up. I turn unit off and on. Then it downloaded a diagnostic and told me to wait. I called TWC support the very nice woman told me to unplug the box, power cycle it.

Well all my HD channels are freezing and pixelated and drop audio. The non-HD channels are fine.

I was told by the Business Tech the silver cisco DVR box is a a problem unit. He told me to take it back and get the dark DVR unit.

Well tomorrow I am doing that.

But paying $100 for HD and DVR and not even completed a month of service. The problems I see are just not good. I was a Dishnet user for years and had few problems ( accept for major rains storms).

I give TWC a new DVR to see if this fixed my issue. If not going to buy a new Tivo and go back to that.

Matt Dallas TX

Time Warner coded my credit card payment as refused, cut off my service, I called and was told this 2 hours later I reached a representative who was willing to make a 3 way call with me to my credit card company and they were told it was not refused denied etc it processed and paid, the capture the batch etc was emailed from credit card company to TWC and they restored my service only to keep it coded with a payment denied and cut me off 3 more times, this went on thru Christmas. If you want a problem with TWC resolved the only thing you can do is contact the Office of The President @ If you’ve got a problem with Time Warner Cable regular customer service can’t or won’t solve, you can try escalating it to the Executive Care team in the Office of the President.
212-364-8300 option 2

B Baima

My Time Warner Cable stopped working early Monday morning 8/25/14. I called in and was told that with the recent changes my converter box was old and it needed replacing. Went into the Farmers Branch location after work on the 8/26/14. Was told all I needed to was plug it in and everything would be fine. Well here it is Wednesday 8/27/14 and still no cable. Called customer service numerous times and got a different story everytime. The cable works fine in the other room with out the box. So I switched TV’s and cables still the same problem. Now they want to come out and check the house which I already know is not the problem. I have been a long time customer of Time Warner but enough is enough. I will be finding a new provider very soon. I must be a slow learner because everyone in my neighborhood has already left Time Warner.

No Longer Loyal

This is the only company I deal with that reduces service and increases fees as I become a more “loyal” customer thruogh each AND EVERY year. Well TW, l hope you see,,,,,, I am not that loyal. I will make one more call to retention to try and get a satisfactory price and comparable service to what I had. Your leased equipment is marginal and your customer retention is the pits. Your policy of increasing costs and reducing service to long term customers is OFFENSIVE. I am no longer loyal.