Deb Ovall Northwood Ohio

Mid-Ohio Time-Warner Cable screwed up the auto-pay I had in place with no problems for 3 years and then shut my service off with no warning. I work at home for a large medical center and access pt records thru a connection to my hospital’s mainframe. On 6/27/13, about 1:30pm, my service stuttered for 5 minutes but came back on so I continued working. About 2 hours later, I realized my phone was dead and the TV didn’t work. After work, I called them on my cell and was told by the robot that I owed over $300 because their request for payment was rejected by my bank in May and June! I knew for a fact that this was a problem on TW’s end as I had plenty of money in the bank AND my checking account is covered by my savings account, so nothing ever bounces!! I called back and waited to talk to a person, but could not understand him and had to hang up as I pay by the minute and it was taking too long.

For some reason the net continued to work, so I got onto their online chat. I spoke with 2 separate agents and was told by both that it was the customer’s responsibility to check to make sure the payment goes thru. Really??? WE have to check to make sure YOUR process is running correctly??? WHY would I do that if the process had been running correctly for 3 years??? I tried to explain that my bank never received their request for payment in May, but they refused to even check their records, they refused to explain why I never got any notice from them that I was in arrears, they kept insisting it was my fault, that I should have known they screwed up and contacted them before I got behind!

I paid the arrears and paid ahead for July by card, then opted out of automatic payment and signed up for paper statements again. My service came back on within 5 minutes. I checked my records and in 3 years they have raised my monthly payment $30. I never received notice of rate changes. I also have not received an email statement from them notifying me of the autopay, done or not done, since October 2010. I miss Buckeye Cablesystem SO much. 35 years with NO problems.

Beware, people, Mid-Ohio Time Warner Cable is screwed up and IT WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR FAULT!


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For over 2.5 years, TW was unable to deliver cable video service although level 2 technicians were at my home at least 7 times in that period but none could cure the intermittent audio and video drop outs . Two of the technicians said the problem was in my service node. Several technicians who have asked my permission to access the the TW hub in my back yard have told me my neighbors are suffering the same symptoms.

TW either cannot or will not upgrade their signal capabilities. They also have drastically reduced the number of technicians in the last year so you won’t get an appointment for 5 days. Get to a supervisor to have those days removed from your bill.

I first canceled my movie channels as one cannot watch a movie with interruptions, then I canceled my cable boxes completely as even news and documentaries, to say nothing of live sporting events, become incomprehensible when one cannot view the whole program. I kept the Road Runner service which had proven reliable after and initial period of difficulties. What did Time Warner do? The almost double my rate with no notification!

My advice is to get satellite (Direct TV through Costco has been good for 2 months) and another internet provider.

Time Warner’s only interest is to squeeze as much cash out of you that they can and waste your time on hold talking to script readers that have no power and no solutions. Life is too short for their BS!


Been running at < 1MBPS for 3 days now. (Tested at They won't send anyone out 'cause there's not any reported outtages. They don't know what's going on, but won't fix it. It feels like 1998 again. How's Earthlink for Internet?

Janet Austin tx

I have had nearly all the problems that other customers have had with inferior equipment, messed up billing, untrained technicians, and clueless customer support. TWC has a monopoly in the Austin area, and can charge whatever. I have been told by at least three repair Technicians that TWC never repairs any cable boxes. They just wipe them off, repackage and send out to next unwitting customer.
The dvr we recently got is an older version than the one we had, is not working properly – not recording programs, rebuffering everytime we want to tune to recorded programs, kicking us out of programs when it starts recording another program, and the most annoying of all, the system rebooting about every other day which takes about 18 minutes so if you are watching a program you totally miss segments.

Jason Mesquite Tx

We have had Time Warner internet for about 7 years and have never really had a complaint until now. We have always had the fastest service available and whenever a newer faster service came out, we upgraded. Besides the random service blackouts that could never be explained, everything usually ran perfect. Recently there was a screw up on our account. We have the 30mb service and I usually do speed tests once a week or atleast every other week. Usually the results are from 30mbps to 50mbps. This last time it read 14.5mbps 6 times in a row. I reset the modem as well as the router and the computer and retried the test… same result. I called customer support and was told that my account was limited to 15mbps…. wow… news to me… we have been paying for the 30mbps service for 4 years. After checking our account, they confirmed that we were on the 30mbps plan. They could not figure out who made the change or why (shocker). After several attempts to fix the issue, the fastest speed I could get was 19.45… They claimed that my modem was unable to run at the 30mbps speed and that they would need to come out and install THEIR modem. I told them they were full of crap. I had purchaseda new modem 7 months previous to replace our old one and the speed tests went from 23mbps to 53mbps and the new modem ran perfect and faster than our last one. I said “WOW” that is funny, the modem has been running fine for 7 months and now all of the sudden, magically it wont work? They tried to tell me it was incompatible. After 7 months of clocking atleast 40 to 50mbps on every test, it maxes out at 19.45 now. They kept giving me the run around to the point I was so furiously pissed off, I gave up dealing with the morons in customer service, and old them we would look for other service.

Site Editor Austin TX


Google fiber-optic cable has already been installed in several Austin neighborhoods. We urge you to visit to learn more.

Google Fiber will be way less than the cost of Time Warner, including premium channels. See pricing →

Google Fiber will be about 1000 TIMES FASTER than Time Warner cable!!!

Currently Google Fiber has only been installed in several select neighborhoods, but will eventually cover most of Austin, Texas.

As editors of this website we strongly support GOOGLE FIBER and are looking forward to the day when we can say:



My DVR doesn’t work right when using the fast forward button. It will work for a bit and then skip right to the end of the show so that you are made to watch the stupid commercial. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve contacted TWC and they haven’t had any other complaints of this happening and don’t know why it’s doing it. Please help!!

Karen Jones Grand Prairie Texas

I had an appt. on 8/17 for Time Warner to come out and install internet. The tech lied and said he came out and nobody was here (this was apparently 5 minutes after I hung up with customer support trying to find out where tech was).
I’m gonna make a long story short here, I was told several times (and even by a Supervisor) that my internet would be active 8/19 between 8 am – 11 pm (how the Jack can they legally give a and time of 11 pm?). Well. I called at 10:30 pm on 8/19 and the data was mysteriously changed to 8/21 between the same times. Which happens to be today…I’m betting it doesn’t get activated & sad thing, we’ve already paid.


I get it. We are now just cancelling the service in Los Angeles. You can’t win with TWC – they make promises they up sell you, but it never gets better. Lick your wounds and just find another provider. Los Angeles, CA over and out.

paula austin

We were without TV, internet or phone for over 5 days, never really found out why but before the service technician came to my house he called my home number and when no one answered (because it was out ding dong) he cancelled the service call and I would have to reschedule. I repeatedly gave them my cell phone number but they continued to call my home number to say they were on their way to my house. Frustration is a four letter word. Cant remember ever being so frustrated with a company. No one cares. Cant wait for AT&T to come into my neighborhood