I had Grande and never had any issues but opted to switch to TW for their package deal on phone, internet, and cable. The first install person screwed up the phone and internet portion so that the phone never worked and the internet worked for maybe 5 min. He was at the end of his day and was ready to go home it seemed. After arguing with them for over an hour I finally got them to send someone the next day to find out what the issue was. The issue….the first tech never enabled the service by calling in the activation. Fast forward a few months and I’ve had nothing but lag spikes, lost internet connections, and slow connections. I tried to upgrade to a better connection speed but have gotten the run around. I’m actively trying to pay them more and they are ignoring me. Great customer service guys. Grande has a deal right now that looks really nice. Think its time I went back to what worked.

Yvette Cary

Here is my TWC issue. I have purchased the internet only and have had it for two months no issues, no stalls on the internet nothing. Then two days ago out of the blule, my laptop keeps losing the wifi connection. I called the company and asked for a technician to troubleshoot the issue, which he did and I got my signal back and was able to use my laptop. Then the very next day, same issue, laptop can’t connect, so I called them again and they send a technician over. He tells me that if you have a “high” wifi signal, that one device will get booted out, so he “lowered” my signal. Ok then I was able to connect to wifi with my laptop. So this morning, once again, my laptop stopped connecting to TWC wifi and I had to manually unplug the router, this happned three times today. I came to the conclusion that it has to do with my payment extension I made with them. Yes, that’s right. I feel like they are doing something from their end, making my connection faulty because I made a pymt extension and will be paying my bill by May 2nd. I know this may sound far fetched, but I have never had any problems with this laptop and even when I take laptop to Starbucks, it connects just fine. Why am I suddenly having connectivity issues???

Anonymous Girard OH

I am so sick and tired of my cable not working ,my on demand not working and my Internet not working. I’m tired of my bill constantly going up while service goes down. There’s no other cable option in my area so the grid most likely doesn’t get maintained/upgraded the way it should. I would switch tomorrow if I could get AT&T. Cable TV as we know it will be dead soon and TV will simply be a hard line Internet provider. Look at my customer log! Do you think I enjoy calling?
Heck I would pay EXTRA just to get it to work 75% of the time!

Noone lees summit MO

I live in KCK area and i constantly have issues with them here, I well say the “ONLY” thing I like about them is there polite people on the phone, but that said there actually service from tv, phone, and internet sucks.
here is an example, On a monthly base I have found there cable tower sticking out the ground being open were anyone, thing, and weather could cause issues with my service, I don’t know if someone is stealing cable, and I have checked it to see if there is a splitter. I have told them about this every month and no result, the first time this happen it took 3 months before someone came out, but they didn’t even look inside for damage, or if someone was taping (Stealing) into there cable. One time I called and asked if they could run a check for any unauthorized deceives, but I found out they can only detect there devices so this was pointless. I was told that someone comes out to check if someone was stealing but this is BS, cause if so then the tower box would not be left open for Months. I am sorry to say this but Time Warner is worse then another cable provider I had, so if you cant find a better cable provider I suggest what I am going to do. Get AT&T, It is said when DSL, and Satellite is better then cable, but I had them once before and so far its sad but AT&T is the best service in my area.


For at least 4 months now, TW’s much-advertised ON DEMAND has been only occasionally available – loading times out with ‘error 100’ (program temporarily not available). By the time we get lucky and hit a day when it works, the show has rolled off the list of available episodes. And every Saturday night, several cable channels go unavailable, while the rest of the time they frequently freeze and pixellate. The DVR randomly reboots, killing any recordings and at least a half hour. Recorded shows are often unwatchable. Calls for help just get a suggestion to reboot, and once they sent a new remote – huh? And all along, the ‘price-lock guarantee’ price just goes ever upward – about double in a few years time. Great service, great company – yeah, uhuh.
We are in the Buffalo NY area.