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TWC continues to disappoint. My service is horrible on NBC and FOX (in the Milwaukee area). At various times the broadcast is interrupted by a blurred picture and electronic buzz. Today, during the Packers football game it was unwatchable at game time, and slowly improved but was still interrupting at least every few minutes. This, after I replaced the H-D cable box yesterday. The old one died this past week and wouldn’t record. I also replaced the coax cable, which I’m sure was fine but wasn’t new. And somehow, those two channels were fine last night, but not at all today.

We have had technicians to the house and they can’t permanently fix the issue. (cable wiring was installed by TWC when built 19 years ago) Reboot, check/replace the cables, etc. etc. Nothing works. 2 boxes in the house and the TV connected directly to the TV is the one that usually works best.

TWC phone was out a few weeks ago for 2 days. Another fiasco. Not the first time either. I will say, I have good luck with their internet service which has turned me on Netflix finally. No live sports on Netflix though.

TWC’s customer support people are typically concerned and try to help, but clearly the company will not make the investment needed to deliver the product they sell. I see TWC trucks in my neighborhood all the time. Shame on TWC for this incredibly poor service. And shame on me for putting up with it for this long. I’m afraid the other limited providers are also jokers, but as soon as the NFL season is over I’m gone.

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