I had TW service in Seguin (San Antonio Time Warner) for about 3 years. Every 6 months the price would go up and I would call and they would inform me that I had signed up under a promotional price but eventually would lower me so that I wouldn’t cancel my service. The thing was that everytime they lowered it back it was a little bit higher than it was before. Not more than 10 dollars but after 3 years of this my total increas was about almost 30 dollars more. Now you could argue that prices go up – inflation, whatever but Time Warner always said that they would get it back down to what it was originally. I have finally dropped TW, got DSL, Netflix and an antenna. Yes having cable was nice but not to the tune of 115/mo; which is what my bill was after taxes and all those rediculous fees.

I have had several wonderful things happen since cutting off cable. First off is the money. I love paying 25.00/mo for internet and 6 or 8 buck or whatever Netfix is. Also, there’s still a lot of football on regular television. I don’t spend anytime surfing AND my reception on my HD television is amazing. Whatever TW is selling you on HD is BS. All that they say about television is true; I get more done, pay more attention to my kids, talk to my wife more.

Do yourself a huge favor and get rid of cable.

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