Steven Lewis Anaheim California

I have had TWC internet for several years now and have had cable internet since 1998. The companies changed as my address changed. The first company I had was Comcast, which was replaced by Adelphia in once city, when I moved the company was still Adelphia, which I dropped due to lousy service. Switched to AT&T briefly and dropped them when they started limiting the amount of emails I sent. AT&T blamed Yahoo (who apparently handles the email content or so I was told) and Yahoo said call AT&T.

So, I switched back to Adelphia which was then replaced by TWC. That was in 2008. I have only small problems since until a month ago when my modem reset for no reason. Then it happened three weeks ago, and now it has happened 3 days this week. I called TWC the second time and the tech advised me that since I am a heavy user and there are many users in my area that I should turn the power off on my modem every 15 days for 30 mins. I’ve never heard this, been told this, or have I read this as a fix.

TWC was here at my complex this week repairing the lines in the building next to me but said it wouldn’t affect me. They did do some maintenance while they were here, which did cause my connection to drop. But since they’ve left it has happened two days in a row.


I have been a Time Warner Cable customer for years and never had a problem until I moved to Kansas City, MO. In two years I had to return the remote control to the store 3 times for a new one because it stopped working (new batteries didn’t help). I began to have problems with my DVR and when I called and spoke to a rep, she said my options were to either return the DVR to the store for a replacement or for a fee they’d send somebody to my house to replace it.

In March I made the decision to move out of the downtown core and the neighborhood I was moving to had AT&T Uverse so I jumped at the chance to switch. On March 29th I returned all of the equipment to the Time Warner Cable store. My account had been set up on auto pay and on April 22nd another payment was taken out of my checking account. I called TWC and a rep took down the info then said I had to fax them proof that the payment had been taken from my account. I told him I could do that but if he pulled up my account info, he’d see that a payment had been taken after I had returned the equipment. He finally did some searching and agreed with me that a payment had been deducted from my account in error and said somebody from “banking” would call me in 24-48 hours.

72 hours later nobody had called so I called back. The lady I talked to said, “Accounting doesn’t call anybody so I don’t know why you were told that.” She said a refund request had been submitted but it would take 6-8 weeks to be processed. I told her that was unacceptible. This was their mistake and they took money they were not entitled to and I wanted it back. She said she’d put in an expedite request and see if it could be processed any faster. That was two weeks ago and still no refund. For two years my account was on auto pay and they took the payment like clockwork every month and never missed a beat and now I have to wait 6-8 weeks to get MY money back that they took from my account in error. I am so angry with TWC right now that if I did not live in an area with options, I’d give serous consideration to going without a TV rather than giving them any more business or money. I am wondering if I should report them to the Better Business Bureau? Not that I’d get the money any faster but for the satisfaction of it because their system is flawed and their customer service sucks!

Chris Austin Tx

What a joke this company is. I have issues with both cable and Internet. The first time I had issues was with tbs hd while trying to watch march madness. After rebooting and giving my serial number to have of the company, they finally blamed it on tbs and said service would be restored in 5 hours. That was over a week ago and no service on those channels. Now my Internet doesn’t work and they can’t figure out why. So since I am home offices, I am sol till next week when they can get someone out here. A full 8 days later

This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. Outside of saying turn off and turn back on the device, they can’t seem to get anything right. They also are way overpriced.

I’m thinking about moving when my lease is up just so I can get reliable service.

F time Warner!


They schedule appointments that you must stay at your home ALL MORNING, DAY, AND NIGHT wating for a person to come to work on the cable problem.

They do not give you a time range when a service person will come.
One person came at 9:30pm on a weekday. I have young children in school.

They messed up our billing and it took 3 months for them to acknowledge that they messed it up.

marilyn seese bridgeport wv.

why does my tv go out every night at 12:00 for 2 hours. that will be 60 hours a month. first they tell you they are setting the time then they tell you there is no programming available. I am going back to dish network first thing Monday morning.