We have TWC just for Internet service as it is the only option in Upland, CA since we don’t have a land line. We have a Vonage VOI phone and cannot be on the internet and use the phone at the same time as the phone connection breaks up. Also, if we stream Netflix, our VOI phone will not work at all, nor can we get on the Internet on any other device. We recently upgraded to the faster Internet speed for an extra $10 a month but are still experiencing the same problems. Bear in mind, only 2 of us are using the connection so the most we want to do is use our phone and surf the web on 1 device or stream a movie at the same time. We are not trying to use tons of devices at once, but using 2 does not seen an outrageous expectation in today’s age of technology. Does anyone have any suggestions or alternatives?

Bill Kurtz Austin

After not having service for 3 days the Time Warner tech finally came and replaced our cable boxes with new Samsung boxes. The Samsung box performs much better and has more storage and faster response time. I’ve had to go to the Time Warner Austin office numerous times to get boxes replaced, but the tech told me that when you go to their office they will always give you a ‘refurbished’ old box (POS). I guess i’m lucky that the tech took pity on me and gave me the new Samsung boxes. Still waiting for Google Fiber – can’t wait to say ‘Adios MoFo’ to Time Warner!

A Flabbergasted Public Servent Upstate NY NY

This one is gonna top the unbealievable Time Warner in horrendous stories. I work in local government. This past Monday all of our internet was shut off by Time Warner. We signed a new contract with them back in September with them for 64.98 for our internet service to the Town Offices. For the record, we service tax payers, the website for all public service information, the police dept and anything else the public needs. Turns out TW in NY has been having a reorganzination and our contract documents never got “filed” by someone upstate. Downstate (NYC) says too bad and wants to charge us a different amount and says that our Town is actually not a Town but a NON-PROFIT and a 503c. We are definitely neither of these. We collect taxes and a government entity. Speaking to TW downstate is like speaking to complete morons and then you speak to the goverment end upstate and they “get it”. Well, lo and behold, downstate decided to cut off our town without ANY NOTICE FOR THREE DAYS!! Then, when they decided they were actually wrong in turning us off, they did a DNS redirect on us and we had to have our IT work on our servers for hours just to get us back up and running. How are they allowed to do this? Next stop, Attorney General’s Office. Completely Incompetent! They need competition to keep them functioning properly.


They were scheduled to update our cable service somewhere between 1-5 PM. It’s now 9 at night, and there’s no sign of them. We’ve had to call multiple times just to try to find out what’s going on. What’s worse, we can’t even just cancel, as they claim this will somehow result in us losing our phone number (say what?). This company should go bankrupt as quickly as possible. Any competitor is better than these clowns.


Im in Buena Park and early this morning I noticed both cable boxes repeatedly rebooting themselves, no cable. Anyone else having this problem? Called and a voice recorded message answered saying there was a outage. NO SURPRISE.