J Bowling Green KY

Time Warner recently bought out Insight.

Before, we were paying $90 a month for 50mbit internet, and we actually got speeds as high as 70mbit.

Now, they raised the price to $110, and now our speed won’t go above 40mbit. When I called to tell them about this, they said that the 50mbit speed was “theoretical”. Theoretical? We had great speed for years. They are purposely throttling us while simultaneously charging us more.

GetAClue San Diego CA

People, we are all getting SO screwed by this monopoly. TWC execs are rich beyond words as are the local politicians involved in negotiating which carriers are granted access to their locales. WRITE AN EMAIL TO YOUR CONGRESSMAN….SAVE IT…SEND IT EVERY DAY AND GET YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME:

TWC posted net income last year of $2.2 billion, a 29% one-year boost and a 65% increase over 2010. CEO Glenn Britt received compensation of $17.2 million last year.
—–THESE ARE ONLY A SINGLE YEAR OF RESULTS. Look up their annual revenues and you will see they have made over a billion in EACH year since 2009. CEO Britt takes home $14 million and up in each of those years as well.

Think about it, they are handed these accounts with virtually no fiber competition. Should they be earning that much, or better yet, WOULD they be earning that much if there was any competition? Just another sellout of our interests by the scamming, philandering politicians who are supposed to represent us. HASSLE YOUR LOCAL REPS!

Michael Rains batavia oh

If your looking for a good cable television service then look somewhere besides Time Warner Cable. My problems started with Time Warner back in March when I had service turned on at a house that we were going to be moving into at the end of April. It seemed that there hadnt been cable service installed in the house as of then but the cable wire was located in our front yard about fifty feet from the house in a underground box. It took a total of four installation crews and over a month to just get the service installed due to the fact that most of the technicians that they sent out had no idea on what to do other then push this job off on someone else. The third crew that came out really took the cake as they had several hundred feet of cable wire wrapped completely around the house in the yard and said they would be sending another crew out to burry the wire. I thought the neighborhood home owner association was going to flip out over this mess.lol. Then the next crew came out and the guy asked what in the world was that guy thinking being that there was probably enough cable wire to install a entire subdivision laying on the ground all the way around my house. He said that we didnt need cable wire all the way around the house that they could just install the wire in the same direction that the utilitys were installed into the house which was about 400 feet less cable wire. Wow. So ok they finally got it installed into the house and it was working pretty good for a couple of months untill 3 months ago when Time Warner upgraded there tv guide in this area and this upgrade has caused nothing but problems with the cable box freezing up and not coming on when you would want to watch tv or worse then that it would take sometimes 10 minutes to get from one channel to another if you was lucky and even sometimes would just have to find something else to do in the house other then watch the cable tv that I pay good money for. I called them two or three times to let them know that service was bad and there was a problem so then they would just reboot the box on there end and let me know this would solve the problem. I even went as far as purchasing batteries for all 3 remotes in the house thinking that maybe this was the issue. The batteries didnt help at all so I called Time Warner yesterday to let them know that I was still having a issue and they rebooted the boxes and told me the problem was fixed and asked me if I would like for them to send a tech out and my answer was yes because from what I had allready delt with that I knew the problem wasnt fixed. They setup a time for today for a tech to come out between 4&5 pm which worked good for me and at 10:30 am this morning I got a call from there tech and he stated that there was no reason that he should come out because even if he replaced all 3 of the cable boxes that the problem wouldnt go away! He then told me the problem was in there tv guide upgrade and they were waiting to get a download that would fix the problem. He also told me that this had been a problem for the last 3 months with all the cable boxes in my area. I got off the phone with him an started thinking about this and wondering how they could charge someone for a service that wasnt working properly if at all . I spoke to a customer service rep in chat from the time warner website and explained everything that I had went through and how the technician explained to me that the service was messed up due to it being there problem with the tv guide and they assured me that they would get the problem fixed soon and the gave me a 1 month refund on my service. I thought to myself after this why would they just offer a month refund on the service being that I have had the problem for 3 months so I asked and the answer I got was the best thing that I had heard. I was told that they wouldnt refund the 3 months because allthough the box didnt work I still had working cable service. I asked how do you figure that I actually had working cable service and word per word this is what I was told. Mr Rains all you would have had to do was disconnect the Time Warner cable box unplug the cable wire from the box and screw it in to the back of your tv and you would have basic service is why we wont refund you for the entire amount. Now folks I was really glad that they gave me this great advice because honestly if I wanted to be a technician for them atleast now I know what it takes.lol The most awful imformation that you could give a guy that is disabled is that no matter how bad things are that you could still be a Time Warner technician. Goodluck everyone with your cable Just imagine if word got out to the other 600,000 plus subscribers in my area that have this same issue and they refunded everyone a month of service. Wow that alot of money and to think its been going on for 3 months

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I have had TWC for over 10 years, always payed my bill on time. But have been having problems with the internet for the last least 6 months. It has been cutting out on dropping me and so I have been calling. And got into a fight with one person on the phone, because he threatened me. I told them it was the modem and they kept telling me it was my wireless router and I went out and bought a brand new wireless router and spent over $250.00 and he tried to tell me that one was not compatible with TWC and I insisted on a new modem because it smelled like it had burnt out. They told me I had to drive to the nearest service place to pick it up which happened to be 30 miles one way from my house. And if a technician came out it would be a extra service charge. It worked fine for 60 days and now it started to act up again. So I called again and the technician on the phone suggested that we might has to up our service we have the second level or the middle because we where told when our boys where at home that would be the best for gaming and us using our lap tops. Now it is just my husband and I using it and have had terrible service. I was told by another user that they are trying to get people to up grade because they have had so many people drop there service and we have had a big price increase. I also was told if you are a heavy user that they will screw with your service and ask you to go to a higher speed because you are hogging the internet and my comment was I pay for that service and on time. I have a technician coming out next week and if this doesnt get fixed I will be thinking of other services.