I’m sick and tired of paying so much for cable and having so many problems! I’ve had to have my DVR box changed about 5 times, my cable reboots on it’s own while I’m watching TV or I have to reboot it myself because it won’t work! They’re taking good channels away and keeping the crap. TWC charges a fortune for this and it just isn’t right! They act like it’s a big deal when they do some little thing that we could do without. I wish I had the option to go to another cable company but this is the only one I can get and I’m homebound so TV is a big part of my life. GET WITH IT TWC!!!


I haveto call every other month for either router or cable box all they know to do is replace it instead of checkin there wire connections .ud think new box new wires but no .
Tonight called cause 1 channel recording dont play nxt day. But r fine day of this every week thing said was box reboot
Still didnt fix the issue.


I cant believe last night around 5 …..I have had problems with cable I called today and they said u were working in our area its still not just right movies skikpping and picture black and can’t view tv guide or record dr philli hd schedule and I did get to see it did not record can u tell me when will allths be fixed right been 24 hrs or more now


.024 -1.09 megs per second is my internet speed this am thru time warner…what a joke…can we get some competition in this area?..erie pa. All we have is dsl and time fiber optics no other cable company