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Why Time Warner Cable Problems exists:  After many years of horrible customer service from the Time Warner Cable Company (now Spectrum), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about Time Warner Cable problems and Spectrum problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

Time Warner Cable Problems Editor Note:  Time Warner Cable recently changed it’s name to SPECTRUM (or RECTRUM  as we call them). They did this because they are scared shitless of the ever increasing presence of Google Fiber. You can also reach this website at

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How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box? Ruth Popper - Archer City, Texas

How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box? (common search phrase: ‘reboot cable box’)

reboot cable boxFebruary, 2018
Editors note: – ‘How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box?’ is the most commonly asked question in our database.
Thanks to Ruth Popper from Archer City, TX for asking this question!

reboot cable box: Time Warner Cable Reboot

The Time Warner Cable Reboot

Since this website began in 2010 we have noticed a common ‘suggestion’ from the fine folks at Time Warner Cable support.  REBOOT!

Recently Time Warner Cable / Spectrum pushed a software update to our DVR box.  We could not help but notice that when we clicked on the ‘settings’ button on our remote, there was a new OPTION. . .  ‘Reboot Set-Top Box’.

The ‘MAGIC BULLET’ – reboot

Before software is published it needs to be ‘debugged’.  In plain English this means finding and removing  all problems.  Time Warner Cable and Spectrum are too lazy to do this.  They know you will be calling them about the numerous problems you encounter and it is much easier to tell you to ‘reboot’ your DVR than it is to actually fix the problem.

More about the latest Time Warner Cable / SPECTRUM update

In addition to the ‘Reboot Set-Top Box’ issue, the latest Time Warner Cable / SPECTRUM DVR box update has added extra steps to the process of viewing your recorded programs. Stay tuned – more to come . . .

anonymous - hilliard, Ohio

Ever since Spectrum took over Time Warner I’ve had to reset both of my set top boxes at least once a week, if not more! What seems to be the problem? Both of my set top boxes are not that old. I’ve called and had them reset them a month ago after I reset them several times, still have a problem!


The new receiver box was carefully hooked up. I just spent over 30 minutes on the phone with a rep who also could not get channels up. Right now the area around my TV is a sea of twc boxes, cables & wires – with no signal. This is for the birds.

bob hazelton - richfield springs, New York

We have had cable since it started in Richfield Springs NY. I think back then it was owned by suburban propane (a gas company) then Time Warner appeared. So in the early 1970’s we had only one or two cable outages and they were weather related. The cable came in direct to TV. Then a year or so back Spectrum appeared and we had Samsung cable box, cable to box, box to TV. problem is I have to reboot average weekly and sometimes twice.I am not a novice. I hold an FCC Extra Class Radio license and retired from an international register service company as a trouble shooter to component level and 8 years USAF electronics in Radar and Missiles. I think the problem may be JUNK receiver/converters as a guess. No reason to have to reboot devices weekly no matter the season.

Michelle Millington - San Marcos, Texas

I canNOT sign into RECTUM no matter what I do and it is pissing me OFF. I have been told that because I was a TWC customer they have not entered our information into their main computers, I guess we are the UNWANTED STEPCHILDREN, and we do not get access to their mainframes, and we do not get access to our records at TWC. So we pay ALOT of money each money, get screwed and do not get so much as a KISS. From EITHER, and alot of mansions were bought from this crap. On our money.

Sylvia - Yakima, Washington

Our box keeps cutting off and the Spectrum app never works. Either we have to reboot Roku to get it to work or remove and reinstall it or have to enter user/password repeatedly to get it to work if it does at all. They are the worst. It was so reliable when they had the analog cable hook up. Never hardly a problem one. As soon as they went digital the trouble started. PLUS the cost has more than tripled in the same time frame. Rip. Off. Royal.