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After years of incompetent and horrible customer service from Time Warner Cable Company, it's time the public had a forum. There's a lot of commentary about Time Warner Cable on the internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated in one place.

Editor's Note: This website was established in 2009 as timewarneraustinsucks.com. Due to the overwhelming number of complaints against Time Warner, the site was renamed timewarnercableproblems.com in order to serve all of Time Warner's victims, wherever they may be.

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Steven Lewis
Anaheim, California
I have had TWC internet for several years now and have had cable internet since 1998. The companies changed as my address changed. The first company I had was Comcast, which was replaced by Adelphia in once city, when I moved the company was still Adelphia, which I dropped due to lousy service. Switched to AT&T briefly and dropped them when they started limiting the amount of emails I sent. AT&T blamed Yahoo (who apparently handles the email content or so I was told) and Yahoo said call AT&T.

So, I switched back to Adelphia which was then replaced by TWC. That was in 2008. I have only small problems since until a month ago when my modem reset for no reason. Then it happened three weeks ago, and now it has happened 3 days this week. I called TWC the second time and the tech advised me that since I am a heavy user and there are many users in my area that I should turn the power off on my modem every 15 days for 30 mins. I've never heard this, been told this, or have I read this as a fix.

TWC was here at my complex this week repairing the lines in the building next to me but said it wouldn't affect me. They did do some maintenance while they were here, which did cause my connection to drop. But since they've left it has happened two days in a row.

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, CA
Where to begin...

My story is like many others. I had TWC internet for god knows how long. The first couple years were great! Knowing now about how other countries pay 30 bucks for 100+ Mbps internet service, I still think the price wasn't THAT much of a ripoff.

Until now.

About a year ago, I started noticing the service provided to us plummeting. And I don't mean like it slowly became worse and worse, as though the internet modem was failing(which has been replaced multiple times), but like one day it was fine, and the next day I had the most inconsistent connection on the planet. Online games would go from a very nice 8-19 ping to a disgustingly high 600 to sometimes even 4000 ping, web pages would load half the time, the other half I'd get a three-minute-long loading page only to get the "internet connection lost" message on my browser after all the waiting.

Around February is when the shit really started to hit the fan, though. Blackouts hit Orange County and many other places across the States. And this wasn't just a small hiccup or a server being reset, no, these were sometimes hours on end.

The situation with inconsistent connectivity seems to steadily be getting worse and worse. It's not every day, but it's quickly becoming a bi-, even tri-weekly experience.

The worst part is, Verizon, one of the only other "good" internet companies in the area, don't offer service to our complex. Go figure. So now not only am I paying for shitty internet that doesn't even work sometimes, but now I have no other choice but to deal with it.

Time Warner, you used to be a decent company, now all you want is my money, and will continually fuck me over and over again. I wish I could live without the internet at this point, but 50% of my friends have moved out of the county, or already live out of State/Country.

Seriously, fix your shit, because when Google fiber finally(eventually) makes its way to California, I'm dropping your service and never looking back. Take that as you will, fuck me over for the next X amount of years, take all my money, go ahead, because when the time comes, millions, and I mean MILLIONS of people will gladly drop your service for an internet service provider that actually knows how to treat its customers like human beings, rather than sheep.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
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Wow! where do I start. I got the triple play (internet,phone,TV) installed on 1/31/14. Today is 3/31/14 and I have had problems almost 3-5 times a week! Every time a tech did something either in house or by phone, something else has gone wrong. Service is out every few days and I have to reboot the modem (and get results if I'm lucky). Contrary to what they told me, when the modem goes out so does everything! I don't even know it until I try to use a device, so it may have been out for hours and I haven't gotten phone messages or emails. I am so frustrated but don't know where to go from here. I dumped Verizon DSL because of problems and lousy customer service (outsourced). This is worse!    respond to this post   (2 responses - view)   Post a Solution
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Rusty SMith
, California
Just to be fair, I was sick and tired of the regular poor quality I got from Time Warner, so I signed up for Verizon FIOS. Now I know there is something worse than Time Warner. Here are a few highlights.

Verizon brags about their equipment and the fiber optics might be state of the art, and very reliable, but that's the about all they have to brag about. Since very few customers subscribe to the highest bandwidth rates, it's fair to say that the equipment from both companies never comes close to being what limits your speed. Their cable boxes are real bottom end, and don't even support Dolby Surround Sound.

I unhooked a Time Warner box from my $1,899 surround sound system and plugged in the Verison box. Immediately the sound quality went from SPECTACULAR, to no much better than the speakers in my big screen TV, for 2/3 of the channels because they don't have surround sound. All of them only play though the center front speaker, and I have a 6 speaker system. Verizon doesn't support Dolby, NO COMPARISON. To top it off, the installer is not allowed to hook his equipment up to my surround sound receiver, only the TV, so when he left all I could use was the TV sound. If all you have is the TV sound, that won't make a difference, but if one day you might, don't get FIOS.

Even the FIOS remote sucks. Time Warner provided a remote that could operate all my associated audio visual equipment, and programmed it for me. The Verizon remote is a cheep version that can only operate the cable box and a TV. That means if you have a sound system, you need that remote to change the volume, If you have a DVD player, game console, or VHS you need to keep those remotes handy too, because the Verizon remote can't replace any of them.

Oh and do expect to be hearing "I'm not allowed to do that" if you ask your installer to do anything more than install the equipment and hook it up. They don't know how to operate it, and couldn't even tell me how to program the remote they supplied. They handed me the manual when I asked about it.

They also sabotaged my house's p;hone wiring. Years ago I abandoned ATT for Vonage, and left all my house wiring intact. At that time one line was wired to a jack in ever room in my house. Vonage plugs in the internet and a wireless phone into their box. When the Verizon installer hooked up my Verizon phone service, he remove all the wires except one pair going to one jack in the house. He said he had to charge more if he provided phone service to more than one room, so he stopped the signal from going to the other rooms by sabotaging the existing wiring in my house. That's right, the wiring was perfect when he got there, and he ripped it apart so I could not easily go back to another company and have everything work as it did before he got there.

Time Warner has their own problems, but I'm switching back because as bad as they are, their still a whole lot better than Verizon.
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NOTHING BUT A MICKY MOUSE, CHEAP ASS COMPANY. AUSTIN TX.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
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San Diego, CA
People, we are all getting SO screwed by this monopoly. TWC execs are rich beyond words as are the local politicians involved in negotiating which carriers are granted access to their locales. WRITE AN EMAIL TO YOUR CONGRESSMAN....SAVE IT...SEND IT EVERY DAY AND GET YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME:

TWC posted net income last year of $2.2 billion, a 29% one-year boost and a 65% increase over 2010. CEO Glenn Britt received compensation of $17.2 million last year.
-----THESE ARE ONLY A SINGLE YEAR OF RESULTS. Look up their annual revenues and you will see they have made over a billion in EACH year since 2009. CEO Britt takes home $14 million and up in each of those years as well.

Think about it, they are handed these accounts with virtually no fiber competition. Should they be earning that much, or better yet, WOULD they be earning that much if there was any competition? Just another sellout of our interests by the scamming, philandering politicians who are supposed to represent us. HASSLE YOUR LOCAL REPS!
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Just absolutely the worst company ever, with service increasingly getting worse and simultaneously more expensive over time. I have never been completely happy with the service provided, but over the last couple of years it has gotten so much worse that I am ready to cancel my service altogether now. It is isn't worth supporting a company this deceptive and corrupt, for a product that isn't worth one tenth of what they charge. Time Warner Cable is terrible.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
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Lancaster, CA
Time Warner Business Class is even worse. It is more like "No Class." In just one year, our business has suffered more than 10 documented internet outages that have required us to shut down and send everyone home. Our company makes websites which we cannot do when the internet is down.

Also, TW Business Class commercials are pure BS. Their business consulting staff is more stupid and crooked as their home repair flunkies. I've written, called and emailed TW Business Class to release me from my contract but they refuse to write me back, call me back or even email me back. The only way to ditch Time Warner Business Class is to default on payment.

TW Business Class has a cunthead Retention Manager named Paul Cianci who has the easiest job in the world. He doesn't have to satisfy his customers to retain them; he simply has to be an asshole and tell you you "tough shit, sucker" without ever releasing you from your contract. The only way to ditch Time Warner Business Class is to default on payment which we will do as soon as Verizon turns our DSL back on.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
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I have been an EarthLink / TWC customer for the last 12 years. I want to remain an EarthLink / TWC customer so I get the lower rates and I can keep my email address.

Over the last 2 years TWC has slammed my account (and raised the rates) twice from EarthLink/TWC -> TWC without my consent.

I am praying for Google fiber to come into the area and put greedy, unethical, self-serving bastards out of business.

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posted by:
Lima, oh
I don't get the point of this site and all the posts! Bottom line is TWC is a monopoly and NO ONE CAN MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution (1)
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