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Why Time Warner Cable Problems exists:  After many years of horrible customer service from the Time Warner Cable Company (now Spectrum), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about Time Warner Cable problems and Spectrum problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

Time Warner Cable Problems Editor Note:  Time Warner Cable recently changed it’s name to SPECTRUM (or RECTRUM  as we call them). They did this because they are scared shitless of the ever increasing presence of Google Fiber. You can also reach this website at

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How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box? Ruth Popper - Archer City, Texas

How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box? (common search phrase: ‘reboot cable box’)

reboot cable boxApril, 2017
Editors note: – ‘How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box?’ is the most commonly asked question in our database.
Thanks to Ruth Popper from Archer City, TX for asking this question!

reboot cable box: Time Warner Cable Reboot

The Time Warner Cable Reboot

Since this website began in 2010 we have noticed a common ‘suggestion’ from the fine folks at Time Warner Cable support.  REBOOT!

Recently Time Warner Cable / Spectrum pushed a software update to our DVR box.  We could not help but notice that when we clicked on the ‘settings’ button on our remote, there was a new OPTION. . .  ‘Reboot Set-Top Box’.

The ‘MAGIC BULLET’ – reboot

Before software is published it needs to be ‘debugged’.  In plain English this means finding and removing  all problems.  Time Warner Cable and Spectrum are too lazy to do this.  They know you will be calling them about the numerous problems you encounter and it is much easier to tell you to ‘reboot’ your DVR than it is to actually fix the problem.

More about the latest Time Warner Cable / SPECTRUM update

In addition to the ‘Reboot Set-Top Box’ issue, the latest Time Warner Cable / SPECTRUM DVR box update has added extra steps to the process of viewing your recorded programs. Stay tuned – more to come . . .

Jack B. - Northridge, California

I have been a TWC subscriber for over 20 years. When you take away favorite channels, like the Golf Channel, you are violating a basic contract I had with you and are acting in bad faith.
Please reverse your new tier structure that removed the Golf Channel from basic cable service.

Mark - Wisconsin

Since I switched to Spectrum my bill mysteriously went up over 0 after the first month. I called and they said they couldn’t give me the initial quote as there was a problem with the older version of TWC blending with the newer Spectrum options. Rep said she would boost my bill by per month from the initial quote but give me HBO, Showtime, etc. for my problems. Great. After a month, the bill rose again over 0. Called again and they said it would be fixed. Wrong. Bill was still high next month. Finally had to take a day off from work and go in person to a local Spectrum office where they fixed it and 2 months later it is still fixed. HOWEVER, 2 days ago my phone stopped working. They sent a guy out to look at the problem and it turns out they gave my land line number away as someone initially did not properly port it over from my old cable company to Spectrum. No problem they said. It would be fixed by the next day and I would get my old number back. The next day, still no phone service. Called for help and they said they have NO record of anyone even coming to my house to try to fix it! The guy then said he would call back later but it might be a couple weeks until the phone issue is fixed. Unreal. Then, to no one’s surprise, he never called back and I still have no land line phone. I have spent hours of my own time over the past 4 months since I switched to Spectrum and it is incredible how inept this company is.

Roy - Garner , North Carolina

The problem is, there is a line that has washed up, from all the rain. I connects to the TWC box on one end and straddles a ditch, then disappears into the ground on the other side. The TWC box has an electrical danger warning on it and gives a number to call. But when called, the agency is not for reporting trouble, but to call before digging. SO, before a child gets injured or service is interrupted, please investigate. The location where the wire can be viewed is approx. 4900 Redgrass Cir., Garner, NC 27529

Glen - Cincinnati, Ohio

Our family watches at most a half dozen cable channels. My personal favorite is the Golf Channel. It’s a refuge for me to watch the Golf Channel, and get away from the pop culture, brain dead channels that dominate the cable system. Now Spectrum takes away my Golf Channel and moves it to a higher cost service level. No thanks, I’m taking the cable boxes back to the store. Cut the cable!!!

Anonymous - Texas

We signed up for the Silver Package with TV, Internet & Phone at an advertised price. Now Spectrum has been removing channels that we are paying for. I’ve called customer service to get back our channels, but all they want to do is charge us more money to get a different tier of service. What happened to delivering the service you agreed to?

Tc - Honoluku, Hawaii

One of my cable boxes is showing less channels in the guide – mostly HS channels and then On Demand channel – now some of the SHO and HBO channels are missing. I unplugged to reboot – that did not work. I don’t want to turn it in AGAIN- to have it replaced- I have stored video on my Dvr that can’t be replaced. So unreliable.

Chris - Pepper Pike, Ohio

I have consistent inconsistent on demand service. They have changed boxes, run a new wire. The technicians are stumped and blame the office wherever the signal comes from. This is so frustrating. When I talked to customer service (many times) they said that on demand was a free service so they could not credit my account. I switched from Uverse as my signal kept always going out, now I regret it.

TAz - Pinehurst, North Carolina

Unable to pause live tv, rewind or fast forward. tv constantly freezing up. A phone call comes in and freezes my tv. Yesterday it rebooted itself no less than 12 times. I try to change the channel and 30 seconds later it decides to change the channel but not to the one I requested. I have had two techs show up both say we can switch your box but that won’t fix the problem. So not only do I lose a years worth of recordings the issue is still not fixed. Also they said it was because of the merger Spectrum is not compatible with TWC’s DVR (which is the advance one that records up to six shows at a time) They said I could switch to the standard box still may not work. Seriously? We are paying for this “service!!!” Glad I am not in a contract with them but boy what a pain to start over! Some times I can get on demand movies and sometimes not. Only solution so far is go back to satellite. Also they said they know about this issue and said it would be fixed by the end of April and have been told now that it will be some time this fall. But when you call them they have not heard of any of these issues. Are they lying? When I asked them to call the tech they said they can’t they have no interaction with them only through the dispatch. So clearly there is no communication between them or they know and to try to keep their customers they are just offering to send out another tech that would be better to fix the problem. So far been through two, They are coming out tomorrow again so lets see what the 3rd tech says. I have already set satellite to come next week because I am not at all confident that it will get fixed.

Mercedes - Canyon Country, California

I have issues not being able to see my previous recordings on Tennis Channel. But if I log in to my account online, it shows my list of recordings. It only shows current recording on LIVE & future schedule recordings & this only happens on Tennis Channel

Anonymous - California

The internet goes in and out multiple times a day throughout the day. It will stop working and then within 5-10 minutes will be working again. There will be hours when it’s TERRIBLY slow and then fine the next. I am ready to find a new provider.