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Why Time Warner Cable Problems exists:  After many years of horrible customer service from the Time Warner Cable Company (now Spectrum), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about Time Warner Cable problems and Spectrum problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

Time Warner Cable Problems Editor Note:  Time Warner Cable recently changed it’s name to SPECTRUM (or RECTRUM  as we call them). They did this because they are scared shitless of the ever increasing presence of Google Fiber. You can also reach this website at

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How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box? Ruth Popper - Archer City, Texas

How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box? (common search phrase: ‘reboot cable box’)

reboot cable boxMay, 2017
Editors note: – ‘How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box?’ is the most commonly asked question in our database.
Thanks to Ruth Popper from Archer City, TX for asking this question!

reboot cable box: Time Warner Cable Reboot

The Time Warner Cable Reboot

Since this website began in 2010 we have noticed a common ‘suggestion’ from the fine folks at Time Warner Cable support.  REBOOT!

Recently Time Warner Cable / Spectrum pushed a software update to our DVR box.  We could not help but notice that when we clicked on the ‘settings’ button on our remote, there was a new OPTION. . .  ‘Reboot Set-Top Box’.

The ‘MAGIC BULLET’ – reboot

Before software is published it needs to be ‘debugged’.  In plain English this means finding and removing  all problems.  Time Warner Cable and Spectrum are too lazy to do this.  They know you will be calling them about the numerous problems you encounter and it is much easier to tell you to ‘reboot’ your DVR than it is to actually fix the problem.

More about the latest Time Warner Cable / SPECTRUM update

In addition to the ‘Reboot Set-Top Box’ issue, the latest Time Warner Cable / SPECTRUM DVR box update has added extra steps to the process of viewing your recorded programs. Stay tuned – more to come . . .

Gary Ras - Santa Clarita, California

I was called multiple times by a debt collection agency that contracts with Time Warner/Spectrum saying I owed almost $750 for a TWC account opened in Dec. 2016 and closed in Feb. 2017 for non-payment.

I contacted time warner/Spectrum by phone and yes they claim I owe them $748. Yet they have not come up with a single document or any shred of evidence to prove that account ever existed. They never ran a credit check, never sent an email or a postal letter or made a phone call or text to me.

I have had an account with Time Warner for two years, so they had my personal information on file. That made it easy for an unethical employee commit this identity theft. Or is it an attempt to boost their income? by taking a page out of the Wells Fargo playbook and then one upping it by using a collection agency to aid in their scam.

They claim the equipment was installed at an address 1.5 hours away from me in a house that had a foreclosure completed in August 2016 and is still retained by the bank. I had a real estate agent check on that fact.

I am closing my real TWC/Spectrum account and I strongly advise others against sharing personal information with this unscrupulous company.

LD - Rochester, New York

I was told that I could access all channels I paid for on my main TV by purchasing Roku, or Amazon Fire TV sticks for my other sets. The Spectrum agent said all I had to do is purchase an Amazon Firestick or Roku and load it on the TV I wanted to use. I purchased several Amazon Firesticks and tried it out. To my surprise I couldn’t find the Spectrum app. After several hours of wasted time I finally got in touch with a Spectrum tech that confirmed the app was not available on Firestick (only Roku). I asked what I was supposed to do with all the Firesticks I just purchased and I was told “take them back and buy Rokus”. The tech also noted she would put a note in their system for their sales agents to get “additional training” so this would not happen again. As for my inconvenience, I was told that Spectrum was very sorry.

I have experience with Time Warner, Comcast and now Spectrum. I thought TW and Comcast were the worst suppliers of any product I ever purchased. After only one week, it appears Spectrum has taken over the lead.

Rae - Charlotte, North Carolina

Channels I have subscriptions for are now not showing up on my Roku TVs. Says I can call a toll free number to add these channels to my subscription, but I already pay for them. My internet speed has dropped noticeably. We used to be able to be in a laptop or 2 and have 2 Rokus going and now we just get pixelation if we try to have 1 laptop going and 1-2 Rokus.

Only way to get the freedom back is to cut the cord and we are not ready to do that yet!!!!! So frustrating!

Sanjeev Mehta - New York, New York

Switched to Spectrum from Verizon. BAD choice. International call plan is a fraud. Calls are randomly routed through SIM card bank. Most often hard to get a connection as remote switch reports “please recharge card balance” and calls do not complete


All I did was want to add a modem. The whole TV lineup changed. They want more money to add TVland seriously what why nobody told me this was gonna happen? What kind of services this?

Christina - Costa Mesa, California

They have so many problems it’s not even funny first of all when they took over they hyped up the rates for the existing customers and refused to give us the new services that they’re offering everyone else so basically got punished for being good customer. Secondly the quality sucks it’s always pixelating it’s always cutting out the sound stops and freezes. The internet is really slow even though it says it’s not there clearly not at the same speed that it was which I think is highly illegal period and the worst part is that none of the on-demand programs are available they should not advertise that they offer on demand because when you try to watch a show on demand it always says that it’s available for a future date and have to set it to record what the f was that all about why is no-one doing anything about this they suck. Not only that when I have tried to call to get help they seriously have no idea what they’re doing if they literally shoot guesses out in the air they’re awful

Roger Schultz - Penn Yan, New York

I get upset when I see ads for spectrum tv, phone,& internet for $29.99 for new customers, & I’ve been with TWC for years & pay $170. I want to reduce my bill & don’t watch much except sports & PBS. I’ve tried Roku for 3 weeks & have been pleased other than day delay on PBS & if I just keep internet for the wifi needed for Roku I can save $75/month. What can spectrum do for us long timers & I don’t want HBO free for a month! Roger

Tina - Louisville, Kentucky

Spectrum TV App has been down since Saturday… Someone remind me again why I bought smart TV’s and Roku sticks? Oh yeah Spectrum said “reliable wireless connectivity via the Spectrum TV app”…Meanwhile it has worked since some time Saturday I spoke to Spectrum last night who said “our network engineers are aware they are working double time to fix it” You gonna reduce my bill for my days with no TV? I did keep ONE single DVR box and the TVS not mounted on the wall have cable directly to them in addition to Roku but IT SHOULD BE WORKING and its NOT! Very aggravating! Since my 50″ in my room is mounted on the wall with no cable to or box and only used as a smart TV with Roku App I guess the fact I am learning to live WITHOUT Spectrum TV will make it easier to cut the cord from them in fact I may end up doing it because of this!

Rich - Auburn, New York

They are taking away more and more channels. We called and we still can’t get TCM! They said that they would reboot system and Nothing. It has been unavailable since Monday. What are we paying this outrageous amount for? I guess it is time to cut the cable.

Cj - Green lake, Wisconsin

Shows that are repeats are showing up as new so when you tape a series it tapes all the old ones along with the new. Spectrum knows this is a problem since April 4 th memo but has not corrected it yet. Why did they roll this new guide out with so many glitches. And still charging us for a product that doesn’t perform